Thursday, April 7, 2011

One of my favorite...

things is a package in the mail.
Yesterday, I got TWO.
A maternity swimsuit I ordered, and my new CAMERA!!!
I got everything put together last night, but I have not even taken the first photo yet. I am excited to put it to good use!
Last night Brandon and I brainstormed fun photography stuff together. I am so glad I have him to dream support me...he is awesome. You are lucky he doesn't set the photography prices, because he values my time (away from him) A LOT. He would love it if I charged $1000 per shoot. He thinks my time is UBER valuable. I guess I should be thankful he values me SO VERY MUCH :)  If only all of you thought my time was that valuable! hahaha!!!! :)

The other day, I got a more special package.
The best kind are the ones you don't pay for and order yourself.
My friend Jamie recently went over to visit our friend Haley in China. I wish I could have gone with! Instead I sent a little package. Normal, non first trimester me (I sent this many weeks ago) would have sent more creative things...but I did not. IT was very "I went to TARGET and got things that reminded me of you"....but I was thinking of her.
In return she found me some things in an old city nearby and sent it to me!
I felt so special!
I wore the scarf and one of the flowers to church on Sunday. I love the earrings and almost wore them during the Kentucky game. Maybe I should have....Maybe it would have brought them more luck.
(in the original packaging) was so fun I almost didn't want to take it out!

I've been having such a fun spring break week....trying to control this girl...and sleeping in and snuggling with her every morning :)
Look at what happens when my hubby decides to bring her (off leash) to photography group...I keep calling her back to me....way too nervous to let her explore.  This is the process of her running back to me :) She gallops..
Oh Bella... :)
She makes me smile.
I am waiting for it to warm up in Columbus so I can soak up some sun today!

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  1. what camera did you get? sounds like a fun mail getting day :)

  2. My hubby says I should charge more as well. :)

  3. OH YAY! This just made my day! I'm so glad you got it all!!! I love your package you sent....and nothing says me more than going to Target to buy random things! There is still a stuffed lion sitting on my dresser with a tag around it's neck that says, "For no reason... just to make you laugh!" and it will stay there because every time I read it, I smile and can hear YOU laughing! Your "special delivery" was definitely the best part tho :)
    I miss you and want to talk soon!!!!
    Love you!!!
    ps- I am now realizing that I write thank you notes that probably look similar to what your students might write.....