Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babies, Friends, Photography...Fun Mix..

12 weeks baby2
This was about four weeks ago. Sweet little bean. Such a round head! So fun to see! WhenI spent the weekend looking through Briar's things, I also looked through all of his old ultrasound pictures. I think we had about 10 different sets (Praise God for the gift of seeing him so often!!). He looked very different than this little one. I am excited for the day that I can feel this baby. We have listened to the heartbeat at home twice with a fetal doppler my sweet friend Rebecca passed on to us. One time it was after I did something I probably shouldn't have done while pregnant (bumper cars, much?)...I just did it once...but it was enough to make me pretty nervous.  Especially after I left the court (it was called Whirly Ball) and it said you should not participate if:
You have a heart condition
You are pregnant
You are about to die.
Maybe not the last one...but I stopped reading after the pregnant part.

We came right home and looked for that heartbeat. It is a nice little comfort to have in those moments.  When we heard the loud chugging heartbeat.  Shew!

It is funny, in those first 12 weeks while this one was growing, I literally could do NOTHING else. I tried to do pictures, it just didn't happen. I tried to do ANYTHING except for didn't work. Look at me's past midnight and I am wide awake...having a great time! Looking back, you might notice that I NEVER posted. Probably an average of once a week. I felt this way during my pregnancy with Briar, but I suppose parts of me chalked this up to part of the grieving process.  I am surprised that you are still bothering to check in around here!

Today I met the coolest girl.  I was with one of the most funky,fun,wonderful people around...the amazing Jess Flynn.  A rare time for us sans children and hubbies.  We ran into Taylor, who had just met with Jess about a completely separate project.  It is the second time lately I have met a blog stalker who has given me a very mutual hug at first meeting. It is almost like we are long lost friends who have just never met. When I met Taylor, she told me that "I sound just like my blog voice"...which I thought was super nice. She was beyond sweet and I think I want to be her real life BFF. She is beyond fun...although she still has me on her pseudo friend page on facebook. ;)  She is actually quite a celebrity, on our local news.  Who also happens to be a pyrex expert who can talk at length about her dorkiness (hello, we can relate well!)  Oh, and we spent about five minutes talking like dorks about other blog FRIENDS that we have (in our minds).  I told her how much I am friends with Ashley my head...and she told me about how she cried over the Anderson Crew and their adoption the other night. Oh you can take over our lives....

In other news, I am going to be changing up some things for summer regarding photography.
I will still be offering a CD of images, but this will be for a limited time in 2011.
Prices will be changing a bit and my schedule will be limited. I will be traveling for baby showers, family visits, beach trips, etc.  I need to figure some of this out before I commit my whole summer, but I am eager to get some of you on the calendar. If you are interested in a summer or early fall date (Before my due date, September 23rd), go ahead and email me ( and I will email YOU when I get my available dates.
Let's be real, I will probably post them here as well, but you might not feel like checking here. So there is your update :)

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  1. OMG!! So excited for you! I had to read it like 5 times to make sure I was reading right!! Praise God! What a redeeming God we serve!!
    Are you still going to adopt from Africa? Just curious. I knew someone else this happened to as well and now they have two babies! (One from Africa and the one they were pregnant with)

  2. OH YES! We are definitely adopting! Our paperwork is already in...we are expecting to bring home our baby from Africa about six months after our biological baby :) We are so excited!

  3. That is one CUTE baby! Congrats Mom, Dad and Big Bro Briar!

  4. CONGRATS!!! I just saw that you are pregnant! I am so very excited for you! What a blessing that you will have 2 little ones probably very close in age. It is a challenge, but so much fun too.