Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bella, or was it Lady Bird?

Thanks so much to those of you who have asked how I am doing.
The tornados missed us in Georgia, luckily. I ended up staying up late to watch the news. Today, going to show you a little bit of my sweet girl. The only girl that will share the house with me for a while!!
Look at that tongue..hanging in the wind.. :)

This girl has been behaving so well..and so has Buoy, since we got the doggie door. We find her out there late at night, just laying around. She is so sweet!

My mother in law sent me back an email I sent her after we got Bella.  It was in March 2008.  This is what a part of the email said,
"We still haven't figured out a name....we are thinking possibly Lady Bird :) and calling her lady...or Tuck (for Kentucky) or Lexie (for Lexington)...but we're not sure about any of those!
As you can see in the last picture...Brandon is so happy to have a big dog in the house....or 'soon to be' big dog. Sleeping in the bed didn't go so well last  night, so we're going to try to adjust to some floor sleeping :)"

Oh, were almost called Lady Bird...sort of funny, because I still call her Lady all the time :)  And, the floor sleeping, we still TRY, but she always climbs up on the bed in the middle of the night!

Check out these pictures I included in the email.  So sweet! 
bella 2
buoy 1
Buoy wasn't excited, even from the start. He was meant to be an only child :)
bella 1
So, so sweet.
 She is just twice as big now! :)

Fun to look back on these times. Soon, I'm sure, I will be reflecting on how fast my children grow, so I will give my dogs the attention while I can!


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  1. Is that your back yard?! so pretty!!!

  2. Can I just say I love the name Tuck? Like, for your son???!! How cute...and pretty southern-which is probably why I like it. Tuck Whitis-love it! :) It's funny how people & animals kinda become their name. I've had this conversation a few different times recently. Of all the names we thought of for Mary Brent, she is SUCH a little Mary Brent. :)

  3. Oh, and I looove the pic of Buoy pouting on the couch about no longer being an only child-ha! :)

  4. Cute dog!

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