Monday, April 25, 2011

Adoption...and an INCREDIBLE giveaway...

I have been moved by an incredible family.
They are adopting their 7th family member.
He has down syndrome.
He is adorable.

And...they believe that God is calling them to it.
The only thing they are waiting on the Lord to provide is finances.
So guess what?
You can help, in a small way.
The giveaway ends tomorrow.
But go look at all these AMAZING PRIZES!
You just have to donate $10..and you are registered for all these amazing things.

Look here for all the prizes.
I'll show you just a COUPLE.  There are SO MANY!
A TON of amazing bloggers donated from their shops!
Right now, I think I saw that they have about $17,000 or less of the $25,000...I believe that they can make it!

Once you donate, go here to comment (which will register you). Comment one time for each $10 you give.

I truly believe that we are all called to help with adoption.
Maybe you're not called to help today, with this family, but you are called to help.
Maybe that means you should foster or adopt.
Maybe it means helping.
Maybe it means praying for those doing so.
But we all have something to give.
And, in this case, with all these prizes....there is something in it for you too!

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