Friday, March 4, 2011

YES!! FINALLY!! A piece of Ethiopia..

Well, last night we got our Refer....
We didn't get our homestudy.
Or our referral (oh, goodness, I wish we were that far along in the process..)
But we did get to hear about an organization at the event we went to last night. Similar to Compassion International, but they work with children that are going to be adopted. You sponsor a child UNTIL they are adopted to their FOREVER FAMILY. All of these children that you can adopt are currently in the HOLT INTERNATIONAL orphanages, so you know they will be adopted somewhat soon. So for the commitment phobes out there, it's nice to know you're not committed forever. But for those of us adopting, it is also nice...
To know that I can support another little boy from Ethiopia until mine can come home.
To know that he will be going to another forever family, very likely in America!!
That just makes me smile!!
There were children from all over the world, but there were many from Ethiopia!
It made me so excited/sad.
I fell in love with two.
And I couuldn't decide.
And I asked Brandon if we could have both.
But they cost $30/month.
So he said that we should just do one.
And I suddenly felt the tables had been turned.
All this time, he has been wanting to adopt two.
And I want one.
And now I fall in love with two.
And he wants one.
I have a sinking suspicion that I know what will happen in the orphanage!!

We might end up with two after all!!

But for now, this is our little piece of Ethiopia.
The other little boy I chose was so BEAUTIFUL with these big round eyes. He almost looked like a girl. He was gorgeous. And little.
This little boy didn't look so happy.  But he is the age of our friends' little boy, Greer.
And he is still so cute.
I decided that he was the one for us.
A little bit imperfect.
A little bit sad.
We're sad that we can't have our adopted baby.
We are sad that our homestudy is taking a ridiculous amount of time (in our minds).
But, goodness, we are HAPPY that we are waiting for a real person..a real child to come to OUR home and be a part of OUR Forever family!! We just pray our boy's needs are being met right now, in this very moment.

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  1. Do you know how to pronounce his name? I'd like to pray for him. :)

    Lots of love and prayers coming at ya.


  2. So glad ya'll can sponsor this sweet little boy while he waits on his forever family and ya'll wait on your son! Sounds like a neat program!

  3. That is the cutest picture! It's so funny how he can be cute and angry at the same time :)

  4. a-MAZING my friend. this and the post before. i love you. so glad flitis time was cancelled.... :)

  5. I didn't know you could sponsor children waiting for adoption. We sponsor a child through Compassion from India.