Monday, March 28, 2011

On, on U of K...

In college, I used to sit behind the basket for almost every home game.
I made friends with the blue coat (old guy usher) who sat there.  He would save me a seat.  It made for some fun experiences. Ashley Judd. (she borrowed my foam finger...)  Dick Vitale (that's right, I made it into our school's athletic program with a picture of him.)  and tons of fun victories. But never this.....
That is where the Wildcats are going.
It feels like we go all the time.
Didn't we just go to the final four last year?
Nope, that was back in high school...

This is a big, monumental occasion for Lexington, KY. Or those of us who have ever lived there.  OR if you grew up watching EVERY Kentucky basketball game with your parents.
And you know that the town shuts down when Kentucky loses.

Well, my friends...Kentucky basketball is a little bit ALL CONSUMING right now in my life. My team just made it to the final four for the first time since 1998. In our minds, our awesome team makes it every year. We are such loyal basketball fans. Maybe because it's the only championship legacy we have. But regardless, we hold on to it.....TIGHTLY!

The game against North Carolina was incredible. The game against Ohio State was incredible.
We play UCONN on Saturday.
I am so nervous.
But for now, we will just be excited about the accomplishment of the final four.
Knowing that we are not satisfied with that.

Coach Cal gave Liggins a small kiss after he hit a shot to seal the victory :)

Brandon Knight has been knocking down threes...I almost called him John Wall, our freshman from last year who already moved on to the NBA.

SO SORRY if this bores you. I am just so INTO MARCH MADNESS!
I was so sad for Kansas.  My little friends the FItzcharles love the I do too...I was sad to see them go down to VCU.  My Bracket was also sad...

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  1. Yes-indeedy!! March Madness is here and Florida got sent home early - Notre Dame girls beat Tennessee (yep, you read that right!) - and UofK is in the Final Four! Life in KY (for now) is WONDERFUL!!! (In the words of your father-in-law, do you know how you can tell it's Spring in KY? The Cardinals are on the fence watching the Cats play on the court! LOL!!)
    On, On U of K!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!
    C - A - T - S! CATS! CATS! CATS!!!!