Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Marley...

If I told you everything my dogs had done lately, I might just get really overwhelmed. So I'll just tell you about a couple incidents.

Buoy REALLY doesn't like thunderstorms. So, this first set of photos will illustrate his day when it was rainy and thundering while we were at work. Brandon even came home at lunch to check on him and try to calm him down. To no avail. Buoy likes to hide under the bed when it is gross outside.
It started with this. It is a little cubby in our kitchen. Since he likes to hide under the bed, but the door to our bedroom was closed, we think he was trying to burrow into here :)
Thanks Buoy, for the present. You are potty trained. I guess it literally scared the crap out of you :)
Thanks also for taking this rug out of the bathroom and eating it. My feet are still cold in the bathroom.
Well, this wasn't nice either. Since we closed the door, you felt like you should share your emotions with us about it. We get it. You wanted to get under the bed. You didn't have to tear up the door buddy.
When you couldn't get in the bedroom, you turned to the backdoor, looking for us.
When we weren't there, you thought eating the blinds might make you feel better, huh? didn't make me feel very good.

And then there was this......

 Wednesday, we got home and had to immediately go back out to a function at the Commanding General's home. We got home to a SEA of feathers. Not just a couple. A SEA. It was about two inches thich through our whole family room. I wasn't even mad. I was amazed.  How could so many feathers be inside ONE MEASLY pillow? I just don't get it!


WOW. What a day.
I conveniently fell asleep at 7:45pm after we got back from the function at the General's.  I woke up at 11pm and asked Brandon how long it took him to clean.  He said two hours.  I felt HORRIBLE.  :)

Then, yesterday, we took sweet Bella to the vet and she has a urinary tract infection. Poor girl.

So we got home today and she had sprayed pee everywhere on the hardwoods, which she NEVER EVER does! (If anyone does any accidents, it is BUOY, and he usually does it when he is mad or nervous...) Poor could tell she just couldn't control it!

How am I ever gonna deal with kids along with these wild dogs?
I'm sure it will all work out :)

Happy FRIDAY!!!

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  1. i am judging you for having a picture of crap on your blog.....


  2. HAHAHA I was very surprised to see a picture of poo poo ;) I really laughed though!

  3. HHHHAHAHHAHAHA! I'm praying that the Lord gives you kids that don't eat pillows. I think you have bigger problems at that point. :)