Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the mama project

Okay friends.
This is super special.
My friend, my dear, dear friend Jess...
Let me camp on her for a moment.
Jessica Flynn took photos of my son, Briar....on the day of his birth...the moment of his birth.  She captured the moments that were most precious to me up to this point in my time on earth.  I am now realizing I haven't given her due credit on my blog.  I guess in the middle of grief you can sometimes forget to do that.
Well, now I am a step away from my initial grief.
And I am thankful every day to have photos of my little man.
I have one over my bed.
I have one in my hallway. I have one as the screensaver on my computer.
I see my guy every day.  Thanks to her willing heart.
To be vulnerable and watch some major heartbreak.  She was willing to walk alongside us and do that.
She took the first picture here.
She took these.
And this.
And so much more!

Jessica is a simply incredible photographer with a heart that is so PURE and REAL.  She has a complete heart for the gospel. For serving the Lord and offering LOVE to others.
This is just a great example of this.
She wants to honor moms for mothers day.
Some special moms.
Moms who have lost babies. Who are still grieving each time the word "mother" is brought up. That they are missing one (or more) of their children each day. They don't get to hold them, or tuck them in.

Please check out the mama project on jess' blog.
You will fall in love with her work!
I love her heart.
And I'm excited to be a part of the mama project.

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  1. Wow. What an incredible thing. I may get in touch with her - thanks for sharing.

  2. Im so glad you had a friend there to capture those moments. They are priceless! Ill go check out her project. It sounds really neat