Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In my mind, I update my blog every day...

Too bad for you, you're not in there too :)

Yesterday (is Sunday, so just pretend like I published this when I was supposed to..okay?) was fun. Kentucky clinched the SEC tournament championship. Now we are ready to take on the big time NCAA championship. I am filling out my bracket now, trying to give love to all the teams....UNC for the KREBS...(well, and they deserve it..), Ohio State for my dad...(and they are #1 ranked..), a couple wins for DUKE, although they are not my favorite team in the nation...I enjoy college basketball season. March MADNESS! I tried to ask my class if they knew anything about college basketball and they all looked at me with blank stares. Poor Southern People...all they know is FOOTBALL. I wish they knew the merits of a good basketball team :)

On another note.. Yesterday, Brandon and I went to see high school musical live in theater in the big old Columbus GA. It wasn't too bad...it wasn't the most incredible show...but it was well done, and our sweet friend that was in it was very good! I love some live theater. The last thing we went to was called, "Reefer Madness"...and based on the title alone, you can probably guess how good it was. It was a parody of the myth that pot used to make kids sex crazed, etc...considering two non-drug-trying...straight laced dorks walked in there...we didn't fit in well :) I swear at one point the place filled up with smoke, and it smelled like the real deal.

I would say the best part of yesterday was taking the dogs to the park. We took them to park we love, called Flat Rock. It is a beautiful park, full of natural rock formations and trails and pseudo hiking opportunities. We let the dogs off the leash, as we sometimes do (ignoring the fact that it's illegal..) so that they could run. I don't feel comfortable with it, but Brandon has always insisted. So anyway...Bella is running up to picnic tables and we keep calling her away. She begins to run down to us, but then turns back to the tables. She spends a long time up at one table and I ask Brandon to go check it out. He walks up there, and a guy is standing there, with his arms crossed, watching BELLA EAT HIS DINNER. He said, "Your dog just ate our picnic". Umm...awkward...what do we say to that? All we could say is SORRY! We had no money to compensate.

I love this little gal, but she is so bad sometimes!
And then there is Buoy, who growls at everyone who makes him frustrated, but acts like a cuddly angel to everyone else.

If the job I am doing with my dogs will reflect the job I will do with my children, I might be in big trouble :)

Saturday morning, I proctored the SAT at a local high school. Or, I stared at high schoolers for 3 hours and 45 minutes while not eating or drinking anything :) It was quite boring, but an easy way to make money. I felt the stress of these poor kids. While I waited, I looked through an extra test book, and that test is not easy. Maybe it was easier for me back then, when I remembered all those formulas..?! haha! I am not a math whiz, but all of the english language portions made me happy to go back and look at. Dorky, I know.

The last hugely significant thing this weekend, that made me want to lay in bed all day Sunday...was the 6 month anniversary of Briar's birth. My six month bday, and his too :) If I weren't fasting sweets, I would have had a birthday cake for both of us. I miss him. And Brandon does too. All the time, at random times, one of us will say, "I miss Briar."...and there we sit. There is nothing to say, except, "me too". It hurts. And I wish he were here to hold. Sometimes I have to truly hold my tongue when I hear people complaining about bedtimes, etc. Because I would give anything to be dealing with that stuff with little BA. But it was not the journey the Lord had for him on this earth. And we know that. But sometimes it still aches in my heart and it feels almost unbearable. Good thing that i have a hope beyond that here and now. Beyond that in this moment.
"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."
2 Corinthians 4:17

BUt still...

I'm glad the weekend is done.

I'm excited to hear from another great photographer tonight at our photography group.

I am so thankful for our church. The people there who push one another to reach out, to LIVE OUT their faith. I am so thankful not to be lost in a church. To NOT just be a number. But to know that I am PERSONALLY being challenged and CALLED OUT to live in my faith. TO surrender to God. And know that he will provide. And he does. I am so thankful for that. I am so excited to see what the Lord continues to do through Mychurch.

Goodbye sad weekend...hello wonderful week!

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  1. Oh 6 months...

    How are you doing? I remember 6 months being a tough point for me. I hope you are doing 'ok'.