Thursday, February 3, 2011

Such a good dad....




I love my hubby.  He just LOVES so well.  I know he will be the best dad.  He  already is/was to Briar.  He is a wanna-be dad with our sweet friend Emma Jane.  He loves her.  The other night she was over and Brandon decided to sing her a song.  He is a budding musician (bwahhahaha....) and he is getting really good at strumming that guitar.  So he sang her a nice little song.  As you can see, the feeling of love is mutual.  It does make me excited to have our kids....because I know Brandon will love them so well. I know he will be the kind of hands on dad that I had....and that he had too.  He will take our girls on dates and take our boys out to play Army.  He will compliment our girls and make our boys tough.  I know that he will do the things that he needs to do.  He keeps saying, "I just wish we could have a baby NOW!".  I agree with him, but I'm going to cherish these months where we have none.....the last months of our lives without children.

Because he's pretty awesome.  He deserves to be celebrated all on his own!

PS....When I look at my blog from some computers, the photos look grainy...and on others they are crystal clear (which is how they originally are).  Anyone else have this problem??

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  1. He IS a good man and will (continue to) be a AWESOME daddy!! (And so cute, too!) You are a lucky lady! And, ALL the girls smile like that when they are around him - or is that called LAUGHING!?!?!? (Hahaha!)
    (Yes -pics are very grainy on both computers! Sorry!)

  2. He has always loved people well! Is Brandon still playing the Banjo too? lol.
    & that last picture is to die for!
    ps- I can see your pictures perfectly clear :)

  3. There's nothing sweeter than watching your husband be a great dad. :) Ginny Daniels told me that different computers have different resolutions, which affects the clarity of the pictures. She actually helped me sort that out with my wedding pictures...

  4. I love you and your sweet hubby! I want to be just like you when I grow up... :o)