Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emma Jane....and some thoughts...

So maybe I didn't communicate it too well...
It didn't necessarily make me sad that this sweet little boy thought I was on vacation...
It just made me THINK.
And lately I'm not forced to think about my guy...that he died. I often just think of his LIFE in heaven...and I think of the memories of our time together. But I try to avoid the fact that he is not here. THe other day my sweet student who has been soft hearted toward the whole thing (the one who told me Briar was a funny name, if you have been reading a while...)...decided to tell our new student about my situation. She said, "Well, you see, Samantha, Mrs.Whitis and her family all have names that start with B-R. Brooke, Brandon, Brian, Buoy (wait, that is not a BR!) and Bella. (She failed to catch the Bella spelling error...)". I told her, "It's not Brian, sweetie, it's Briar". She said, "Oh!", and proceeded to change her tone and turn to Samantha. She said, "Oh, Samantha, Mrs.Whitis lost her baby. It's so sad.". I try to avoid this in the classroom in case certain moms don't want their kids to know (which I believe they have every right to control...). But it was so sweet. And made Briar feel like such a huge part of our family. Which he is. But sometimes I feel like he's the top secret little family member....like he's a spy....you don't want to acknowledge him and blow his cover, but if you don't acknowledge him, you're leaving out a major part of history :)

These second graders truly minister to my soul in such a REAL way. Some of these moments happen in reading group as we are reading through a story about farms. You wouldn't believe the random connections they make. Or maybe you would, if you have ever talked to a seven year old!

Today was a beautiful day.  I had two new students, I got to meet with a sweet mom....and I am going to spend some time with a little piece of our church family tonight, which I am looking forward to!  The days seems to float by, it seems so crazy that we are in February already!  Valentines boxes, Reflecting on Presidents and groundhog shadows are in my future....

Another sweet girl who just MINISTERS to my heart through her smile...is this gal....




Oh, goodness, she makes me smile!
(This is my best friend Rebecca's baby...people at church sometimes get confused because I always have her :)  I even pick her up from the nursery.  She is going to marry our adopted boy...we have the arranged marriage all worked ....)

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  1. Oh my heavens she is beautiful!!!