Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Briar's Brother...

Lack of updates come because I am so so so so impatient. So if I updated you, I would be telling you about how I'm frustrated that things aren't moving forward.  But I have no right to be frustrated because it is simply the way the process works.  So this is me telling you that there aren't any updates :) We are working on the home study and waiting!

I can't wait to meet this boy. I pray for him all the time. I pray for him and wonder about him.  Is he still in his belly momma's tummy? or is he already born and waiting? Where does he live?   Oh man, I pray for that little guy all the time.  For the face I don't know. For the eyes that I've never seen. But somehow, I know him.  Because I belong to the Lord...and so does he.

On another note, I am also just TIRED from being back at school again!  It is just a crazy schedule of long days and crazy kids.  I love it and it is my passion, but it keeps me so worn out.  I love that MY JOB is to invest in kids and love on them.  Today, I thought I might even have a fever and i went in to have the nurse check.  It was a cool 98.8 (my norm), but I am sure I was worked up from these crazy kids coming up to me every two seconds with a new question.  Note to self: Do not have 22 children.  Keep the number under 19.  Have you seen the way the DUGGAR's (TLC family) talks to their kids?? It is just like I talk to my class.  CRAZY.  I think I can do with less than that.  But I truly do feel called to work with children.  I can't wait for it to be my own!!

Tonight marks the beginning of our PHOTOGRAPHY growth group for our church.  Our church has various growth groups based on interests, age, bible study, etc.  We have done several bible studies in the past and I have even led a woman's bootcamp at 5:30am!!  But now, my latest passion, photography is in the forefront.  And I want to learn more.  So what better way than to bring a group of people together who love the same thing?? I am so nervous...we have 25 people signed up and at least an extra 5 or more that have told me they are coming.  My small little house won't know what to do.  And YOU are welcome too if you live in Columbus and have a camera  you want to learn more about!! We are going to have professional photographers come in and teach us!  I am excited and nervous...and praying that the Lord would use this group to bring people that might be scared to join a bible based group.

Anyway....that is the short udpate.
I am tireeeeed.
I am working hard.
My weekends are usually spent taking pictures.
My free time is spent editing.
And doing things with friends.
Which, sometimes, I think we do too much...
but it is a hard balance...
and with kids we might do too little.
So, might as well take advantage of this time.

Updates will hopefully come more regularly. :)

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  1. Just wanted to say I'm still reading and I love ya!