Monday, January 31, 2011

On Vacation? Nope...

First thing about Monday that I am embarrased to admit:
I am looking forward to watching the Bachelor tonight! It is the only trashy show I watch. In fact, other than the office and glee, it is the only show I care to watch. It is watching a car accident in progress...but you can't stop staring...

On another one of my students said that they read this book in reading group while the substitute was here.  I said, "Well, I'm back now.  And I'm the teacher, so I guess we'll just read it again! :)" .  One little boy said, "What were you doing while you were gone?".  I said, "Well, some of you know.  And it was up to your parents to tell you.  So we won't talk about it here." and he said, "Were you on vacation?".  And I said, "Well, no..". "NO!"......  I wanted to scream...  I actually did try to rest, but it was not restful.  I missed my boy!  My heart was heavy for Africa. I was confused.  No, I did not go on vacation, sweet child!  I gave birth to my first son!  (I wanted to ask if he noticed how I lost a bunch of weight while I was gone...)

Anyway...we are finishing up our homestudy process, and our heart are so moved for the children of Ethiopia.  For the plight of the orphan.  For the ability we have to give a home and a life to a child that otherwise would be without.  We are SO EXCITED about that!  This video will break your heart, even if you only watch a little bit of it.  To know that we are a part of this big is AMAZING!!
Names are coming I'll keep you udpated...

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  1. Sometimes the most innocent questions can hurt so much.

    I'll tell you you look great!! And I'm so excited for you and B. You are already amazing parents! So excited for Briar's brother to join your family!

  2. Such an amazing video...Thank you for sharing, Brooke. You two are amazing!! So blessed to have met you both. I am so excited for you!

  3. I was teaching second grade when I had Eden. On my first day back after having her, a second grader in another class, saw me in the hall and said, "Hi, Mrs.D Did you find your lost baby?" Apparently someone told him that I lost my baby and he thought I took off to find it. I made a dash into the lounge and burst into tears. Of course I was not mad...I am glad you are back at work and things are moving along!

  4. Ok, Brooke, I'm about to run and wake Josh up to tell him that we have to adopt a little one from Ethiopia! What an incredible video...I guess we'll finish this adoption first and then see what the Lord has for us. Praying for a speedy process for you guys!