Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A heart for my boyfriend...

This necklace....I just love it! I have barely taken it off since I got it for Christmas.  My mom got it for me, after I gave her a nice hint ridden email...
It just reminds me of the journey we are on.  To bring home a baby.  It is an incredible feeling, almost just like a pregnancy. The heart is right over Ethiopia. 
It makes me smile.
You can find it on the vintage pearl.

My friend Ashley (who is 7 years old) saw the necklace and she said, "Why do you have Texas on a necklace?".  Eventually, we got her to understand that it was Africa. She loves us and is a good friend who knows all about Brandon and Briar.  Her dad is our pastor and she is the one that got baptized that I showed pictures of a week or so ago. She saw the heart and she said, "So, why is that heart on there? Does your boyfriend live there?".  ahahahaha!  I love her.  I said, "Sort of!".  Because the feeling of anticipation is almost the same as that butterfly feeling you have when you have your first boyfriend, when you think of.  Not to say that Brandon doesn't give me butterflies, because honestly, he does....but this is that giddy, don't know what is coming next kind of feeling.  And I love it!  <---but I hate waiting!!
And then there is this.  A little bit of photography.  My passion and my  hobby.  Lately I have been feeling like I am no good...but I know that is a lie that is not from the Lord.  I just find my confidence lacking when I see how GREAT some others are.  But I know that I will grow and learn as time goes on.  In fact, I am leading a photography growth group this semester through church.  We are going to bring in professionals to talk to all the rookies about some basic things that we can learn about photography and shooting on, photoshop, etc.  I am really excited to spend some time with people in our church and have community.....learning about something I love!!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Love your necklace!! Your pictures are beauts! I wanna come to your photography growth class!

  2. I saw that necklace on their site and blog. Very beautiful! And I think you are a great photographer.

  3. Speaking from experience, and I am experienced here, you are a GREAT photographer. You truly CARE about your "models!!"" and our stories and we feel comfortable with you. And our stories come out in YOUR pictures. You captured moments for my family that we can never replace. Don't put yourself down!!! It IS a lie!

  4. I've been where you are with the photography blues. Just remember EVERY SINGLE photographer has been there before. :) I wish we lived closer, our fam would definately take you up on the adoption pictures. My husband scoffs at how much I want to spend to pay another photographer to take our pictures.

    Keep it up!!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog... and I feel like I have met you before????? I can't place my finger on it. Did you perhaps work at Kids Across America? Or kanakuk? :) Maybe I'm just crazy :) Either your blog!!!

  6. Love your necklace and love your photography!!!