Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebrating Rebecca!!

My best friend in Columbus. The one who I cried with in my classroom about her fourth miscarriage. The one who I ran to when I found out about Briar. I threw her baby shower for her baby and take pictures of her every month :) She threw my LOVE SHOWER and shew as the one who made ALL THOSE POOFS for Briar's CELEBRATION. (In fact, now that I made poofs for her birthday, I realized how much work they are...and I had to apologize to her for my GRIEF INDUCED DEMAND that she make 25 more....to hang over the celebration....I had a vision, but no means of getting there, and she made it happen. So awesome...)  I have walked through her marriage woes...she has walked through my saddest moments in life.  She continues to encourage me with GODLY wisdom, and I do the same for her.  We share recipes and make dinner for each other.  We bake together at Christmas and give joint gifts.  My husband ADORES her so much that sometimes we wonder if people might think that she is our SISTER WIFE.  We also love her child so much that we might steal her.  If she disappears from her crib, you know where to look, Becs!

The one who I talk to every single day. She DOES LIFE with me. She is one of those irreplaceable, unique, incredible people that words cannot describe adequately! I was so excited when I found out that we got to celebrate her 30th birthday together! She is TRULy someone worth celebrating!! She is an incredible person, inside and out and I am proud to call her my friend!

And she is even craftier than I am, by far.
Unfortunately, I waited until all the natural light was gone to take pictures.
So you can't tell how hard I worked on these decorations. But boy, were they cute!

In the many years we have been friends, I can only count on one hand the amount of pictures that we have TOGETHER!  So this is SPECIAL!  Oh, and you know that I love her because I got the sewing machine out for her....

Buoy is fooling everyone here, acting like he is so innocent!!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful friend!

    Just wondering Brooke if you were planning on going to Women of Faith in Columbus this year? It's April 29-30 and Angie Smith will be speaking. Kelly at Sufficient Grace is wanting to take a group and I believe there are 7 of us going so far. The most wonderful thing is that Angie has agreed to meet with the Sufficient Grace group. Kelly will keep details posted on her blog if you are interested. You can find her blog on sufficientgrace.net.