Saturday, December 18, 2010

The last week of school...

was crazy!!
My kids were beyond wired, but actually sweet.  After figuring out that everyone in my class celebrated Christmas, I decided I could play some carols in the room.  The kids loved singing along to Rudolph...and I loved hearing it.  I had an AMAZING secret santa this week, which just made every afternoon great.....receiving a fun gift at school!  THe last day I ended up with a Starbucks gift card..which of course made me smile very wide.  Using the gift card today, I saw SANTA (the real Santa) at Starbucks.  He was jolly and had a real beard. I asked him where he had been hiding, since he looked so real.
The told me "The North Pole, of course".
How could I be so stupid? Of course he has!
Every night this week we were out or doing things until at least 8pm. Thursday we successfully completed our first home study. As you can imagine, we were so nervous.  Would the house be clean enough? Would he find dust under our couches? Would he think we were total weirdos-incapable of taking care of a baby?
As you can also imagine, it was not that big of a deal!  It went great!
We had a babysitter for Bella (good choice) and we just got to share our life. Pretty easy. We are so excited to see how the Lord's timing works out in our journey to get this child from Ethiopia. We can't wait to see how long or short the process will be. To think that this time next year I could be chasing a child is pretty crazy!
On a side note about the babysitter: They are amazing and they have a great dane.  I loved seeing Bella getting pushed around by a bigger dog, since that is what she is always doing to Buoy.  It was about time she got a taste of her own medicine!!

In other news, I will be journeying with Flat Stanley over this Christmas break. If you have ever had a school age child, you probably know who Flat Stanley is. He will be joining us for all of our adventures for the next couple of weeks. So expect to see him appear on teh blog.

I am hoping to be a better blogger, but it is possible that I will be a little missing in action the next week or so. Sorry...cruising calls.  I have been MIA during these last two crazy weeks!
I hope i do have access to the internet, but I doubt it.
So, if we don't talk....I hope you have an amazing and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
I hope you remember that Christ who came to die for you, he died to bring life. As we look back on this year, we know that to be true.

Some fun Christmas Socks

I wore them to school the day of the homestudy, but I changed before I went home. I didn't want him to judge me :)
gray ric rac copy

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  1. Congrats on your homestudy! We remember those days, but trust me, it is soooo worth it. We lost our baby daughter, Eden in September of 09. We were holding our adopted son Levi by September of 2010. God is good!