Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buoy has his time...

Sometimes Bella gets all the attention.

 But my man has a favorite dog. And even though he was the one who pushed for a big dog. The whole time. He...LOVES...BUOY.   LOVES HIM.  And it is easy to see why.  He is so cute and sweet and just lays around. But if someone comes to the door, and he is unfamiliar, he will bark like a 200lb Rotweiller (Rotweillers don't weigh 200lbs...but I needed effect).  Buoy is sweet and kind, tough and rough...he has been by our sides since we got married. So as we prepare to celebrate our 5th anniversary...I feel like we should give Buoy a little spotlight.
So here's our main man...

And, to make it even better, he sleeps like his momma...with his eyes open.. :)  
Sometimes I wonder if Buoy might be the perpetrator of all the crimes we blame on Bella. But how would be blame anything on that sweet face? Impossible.  Bella will continue to take the blame.

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