Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So what they say about...

the hustle and bustle of the holidays really is true, huh?

It is FREEZING COLD in Georgia. We are in the south, isn't it supposed to stay warm? I will take it as a very plausible excuse to wear sweat pants every day after work. :)

This past weekend and coming week is just crazy. Saturday:WorkSunday night: Birthday Party, Monday: Gift exchange/dinner with friends Tuesday: double date with pastor and his wife, Wednesday: Youth Group for Brandon and a plethora of errands and supposedly trying to meet up with three people after work, separately...and then we have Thursday....OUR FIRST HOMESTUDY!

I'm not trying to be picky here...but could it be at a worse time? Right in the moments in my second grade classroom when I have resorted to giving 'cookies' to quiet tables of students? It is truly that bad. However, I am enjoying it. Christmas crafts. Christmas treats (adding to my waistline that should be shrinking...) and Christmas presents. It is so fun. But it is overwhelming.

I truly see how people end up overlooking the holiday season! It is easy to do. I am so worried about my lack of Christmas cards (apparently the 50 free ones were nowhere near enough...) and my lack or organization. I like to think I am beautifully organized. I made a list of who I had sent cards to. But it is not alphabetized, so when I go back to check if I already sent one to 'so and so', I have to go through each name individually. Not the smartest, I'll give you that.

Not to mention...yesterday marked 3 months since we brought our sweet baby boy into the world. It gets harder. Less people remember. In fact, to be honest, only my husband (GOOD JOB HUBBY!!!) and my friend who also lost a baby remembered. I don't really expect people to...heck, I practically forget myself!! But, it feels nice to have him acknowledged. Since I can't take pictures with a "three month" sign next to him and put them on facebook, I at least like to be able to talk to him. I was feeling sad the other day when I realized that the people who work at Starbucks (where I have gone everyday for three+years....dont' judge me.....except during my pregnancy)...they don't know that I had a baby. We talk every morning. I want to tell them. It is one of those weird things. I wish I had permission to bring up ackward things like that. I said something at our work Christmas party about my baby and I felt like everyone got quiet.

Wow, I digress BIGTIME...The homestudy. Thursday.
It makes me want to resort to the high school phrase. OMG.
I am so nervous about Bella sabotaging the visit. Trying to jump up and kiss the guy in the nose. I am hoping that doesn't happen. I am lying if I say I'm not nervous.

Maybe, just maybe...this homestudy was supposed to be this week. To refocus us. To remind us what Christmas is all about. After all, what gift do we want more than our adopted child? Just as God adopted us into his family (so cheesy, but so true), we are going to have the opportunity to adopt a child into our family. It is so special. And to know that Briar's life is able to contribute to that new life...it is just incredible. Brandon and I decided not to exchange Christmas gifts. I am so happy about it. I feel like our holidays are getting to be more about what we've always wanted them to be about.  Jesus.

Now if I could just cancel all of my nightly assignments this week...I would feel so much more relaxed!
I have stopped taking pictures until the new year, but I did a couple before Thanksgiving, just to practice and build my portfolio a little. I will share some with you.
This family takes care of my best friend Rebecca's sweet girl Emma Jane.
And they are amazing.
I love what I know of them. They are just an incredible, serving, loving family.
And I loved doing this for them.
except I did some fun editing on them, and now I'm realzing I uploaded the wrong, unedited ones. So, here is my raw photography, with no editing (except for two of them..)

Hope you have a HAPPY TUESDAY!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You have such a wonderful talent!!!
    I ran out of cards myself and so I scanned one and printed extra out on cardstock! A little embarrassing to admit-but true! SeeHere has 50 cards for free, just pay S&H if you need more!! :)
    Briar is loved and thought of!!
    we pray for your family and that the home study goes well:) we love you too!!!!

  2. Jamie, how do I find the 50 free ones on Seehere?? You are awesome!

  3. fun pics.
    I think of Briar at least once a week. I have an weekly account called Briar Patch Antiques, so it's kind of cheating but I do think of him and of you.

  4. I think of you and Briar all the time, I think God lays yall on my heart so I will lift you up in prayer, even though I don't know you,I know he uses fellow believers that way. Don't sweat the homestudy, they seem more intimidating than they actually are. Yall will do great, I am sure.

  5. I know what you mean about people not remembering...or they remember but don't bring it up - most likely because they just don't know how (heck, I don't know how to bring it up). I have one good friend and my mom that have marked the month milestones with me. It's nice to know that they are walking this road with me.

    Somehow it gets easier and harder at the same time.

    I think of you and Briar often.