Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010...

It's kind of sad to leave 2010.  
It is the year my son was born! I'll never have that back.
But at the same time, we get the opportunity to move forward.  
Not to move PAST.
But forward.

There is a distinct difference.
As we move forward to 2011, I am praying for peace. For a year full of hope.
I am praying that we will see incredible things happen in 2011.  Just as we saw in 2010, but maybe in a different way.

I am praying that my expectations would be open to the amazing things the Lord has in store.
I pray that I would cherish the things I have right now.  

This coming year will be CRAZY! I can't wait for what it brings....

I found this yesterday. It was a reminder to cherish the things I have. To remember the things that are precious to me. Including my son. This is all I have "physically" i have left of him.  His ashes are in the ground. And this is what I have to remember him by.  It was in the truck console. Sort of 'casual' for the container our child used to reside in, huh?
My FAVORITE store. 

At target, I found these.  They are my favorite and they're only around during the holidays....and I thought they were all gone (after scouring the shelves and not finding them)...and then I saw one little bag sitting on a random end cap at Target....and I decided that they were meant for me :)
A new target pillow...
My new fun yellow pillow (also from Target) that i picked up right before our homestudy.

after I found the ashes container, I went into TJMAXX.  I needed some shopping...

This is above our bed. I always had the "Always kiss me goodnight"...  and then I got this canvas and I thought this was perfect....:)  
Love love love my sweet little guy.

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  1. Hoping the new year is better for everyone!

  2. that is my most favorite Briar picture :-) You are so good about getting stuff done! I want to get picture put on canvas too - haven't done it yet...

    and that quote - I just saw it in JoAnn Fabrics and took a picture so I wouldn't forget it, now it will always remind me of you and Briar! So fun.

  3. I'm serious, I love that photo.

  4. I love him too! :) And I love that wall. I am a little bit sad to see 2010 go but hopefully 2011 will bring us all great joy and peace. Love you!!

  5. Love all the pics. (as usual)
    Praying for a peaceful new year for you.

  6. Brookie keep those cutecutecute pillows away from Bella! They are way too adorable to be destroyed!