Friday, November 12, 2010

Shameless Plug

 This was our Christmas card last year, made at Shutterfly.  I am looking forward to making ours this year. Although my skills in photoshop have increased, and I do believe I could make my own, I just might make mine this year with Shutterfly again, as I have the past few years.  It is super easy!!  Look at their awesome cards here.

I have been a long time fan of Shutterfly.  I have made photo books every year for Christmas for my family...and they are always a hit.  If you get professional pics done, go ahead and have your photographer make a book, there are many out there that are much better quality (or for your wedding), but if you are just using snapshots, Shutterfly has amazing, easy to make books.  Check them out, it is easy to upload pictures, and easy to arrange your book.  They are even 30% off right now. I sound like a total advertiser, but I'm serious that they are worth checking out.

One year when Brandon and I were dating, I made him a photo calendar and when I threw him a surprise birthday I made him a poster with pictures of our friends on it.

And it is super easy to do. You can choose on each design how many photos you want to use, what kind of text to use, etc.  It is super helpful if you aren't very creative on your own.  See below to see the different versions of the design we used.

One caveat: If you had photos taken professionally, it is nice to get the professionally done cards. They look SO MUCH BETTER. But....if you are using snapshots, the shutterfly cards are awesome.

Now, for the shameless plug...if I talk about these awesome products, which I clearly do actually use...then I will get 50 free holiday cards!! And so will you, if you have a blog! Check it out here.
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  1. Will comments help you get more cards?? Hope so! Funny you posted this...I am going to do this this year. Well, we are having pics made tomorrow-I may let the photographer make them-we'll see. But my original plan was to try out Shutterfly. That is my first craft...okay, so I'm taking very small baby steps-it's a start. Do you scrapbook???? If not, I think you should because I know you would make really cute ones. You know, in all that spare time you have! :) I want to start myself. Really enjoying your new layout!

  2. You beat me to it! I got that email too :) I am a Shutterfly junkie :))

  3. Thanks for this! I use Shutterfly ProGallery for customers to view/share/order their images from our sessions. I also highly recommend Shutterfly to everyone. I never knew they had this promotion. I completed and submited mine today. :)