Saturday, November 27, 2010

{Giveaway}: 10 free Shutterfly Cards:coupon code

Hello Friends!
Today we did something SO FUN!  We went to get our Christmas tree. Brandon asked if we could just put up our fake tree (which is incredibly wimpy).  I did not agree that this was a good idea, and of course I won! :) I don't always win. But we will be gone for a big chunk of the holiday, so I wanted to be able to celebrate.  So my parents and Brandon and I went to a CHristmas tree farm not too far away.  If you know about Kalmia Farms...this place was exactly what Brandon dreams of!! This beautiful peace of land on a lake with a bunch of houses spaced out around the lake...with their own space, but close enough to hang out.  THey had hay rides that you would take (behind a tractor) to go out to the tree farm.  You would literally walk through the field and choose the tree you liked. They were beautifully manicured.
Our tree was just standing there all alone.
Looking so perfect.
I love it!
It is WAY DIFFERENT than any tree I have ever had.
It was a little hard to decorate.
It is very lush and green. I mean, all trees are green...but this tree won't let my ornaments be seen!!
I am leaving town on the 19th, if you're wondering why I am decorating so early.

our tree!

Okay, now on to the GIVEAWAY.
I also did my christmas cards today.
Do you remember when I posted this post? About shutterfly? Well it was no joke. If you blog about Shutterfly, they will give you 50 free cards. I am sure they are still doing it because it doesn't expire until the end of December! So, give it a try!  (I am sure most of you have way, way more planning skils than me. So you probably already had your Christmas card pictures last month.  And you probably already sent them out the day after Thanksgiving. But I'm not as organized as you.  :)
So, I recently just bought two coupon codes for 10 free cards.  And you can only use one per account. So I was able to use my 50 cards +10 more.  FREE.
I am going to give the extra coupon for:

10 free Shutterfly cards (5x7 flat or folded)

The winner will receive the code through email to be applied to their account.

Leave a comment below to enter.  

Giveaway ends at Midnight tomorrow (Sunday).

 If there is only one comment, that person will get it :) You don't have to comment about shutterfly....just about anything.  If there are none, I will have to list it on ebay. I don't want to go through all that trouble. I want to GIVE it away. SO just comment, already.

I took a quick break from decorating to say hello. So I'm going to back to that!

Edited to Add:
If you want to try to get the 50 free cards, click over the post I did, and click through to the link I posted about getting free cards.  Or just click above on the highlighted words!  Then you will contact a guy (fill out a form) and he will contact you and tell you what to blog about. THen you send him an email to show him where you blogged and sends you the code for the 50 free cards.

According to the checkout, where it tells you how much you saved, I saved 112.00 on my free 50 definitely worth blogging about!!!!!!

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  1. I am ordering my cards tomorrow (probably), but I still wanted to comment. You know how I love a good coupon code! Enjoy your tree. You're not decorating early. We're getting ours tomorrow, and we'll be here the whole holiday!

  2. i desperately need this year to be my first year for christmas cards....
    this would be a great jumping off point for me!

  3. We are getting our tree soon I cannot wait :-)

  4. We haven't ordered our cards yet. I was planning on doing it within the next few days. I would love the coupon code. This is our first time doing Christmas cards. We just recently adopted our son in September and it was very expensive! We are using a lot of coupons these days, so this would be a great help! :)

  5. I LOVE Shutterfly! I will be ordering cards soon from our session with the lovely Jenna A. :))

  6. OK, friend...I am commenting! Love you and miss you!

  7. Hey! So I am so glad that you posted this... I meant to check out Shutterfly this year for cards and had already forgotten! Crossing my fingers for that coupon code! :)

  8. We always order from Shutterfly...would love ten free cards and gonna try blogging about them to see if that offer still works too!

  9. I just posted my post for the 50 free cards! I'd love an additional 10 :)

  10. Friend thanks for the post about the 50 free cards!!! we just got our family pictures done so this would be perfect if I can get them so I can send out our Christmas cards!! yipee!! Hope I win the additonal 10. great idea for a give away!

  11. wow that is great!! How lame am I but I get my cards order in october and have them addressed by the end of the first week of november, then I mail them the day before thanksgving!! I love having them done and out in the mail!! I think they are one of my most favorite things to get at chirstmas time!!

  12. I loved that offer from Shutterfly for bloggers - since i had already ordered my cards like a day or 2 before, i decided to save them for my sister which she was so thrilled by! I love the cards for anything. Great quality and such a huge array to pick from. How kind of you to do this giveaway.
    By the way, your blogs are fun to read!
    Happy Holidays!
    Joey :)