Monday, November 29, 2010

I didn't forget...

about the giveaway.
I just had to figure out the very scientific way that we were going to pick the winner. I mean...I don't know how to do the "random number generator".
So I had brandon pick a number between 1-12. He chose 7. He almost chose 6. Sorry Rebecca. So I counted down to the 7th comment, and VOILA. A winner!

Lucky me, I chose a winner who just had beautiful photos taken of her and her hubby. This girl values a good photograph, so she spent her birthday gift...on some pictures.  Good call.  Sweet Kate Whitmore took them.  And here she is. The winner.  :)
Go visit Denise and ask her if she will give you her prize.  :)

Shutterfly just told me today that my cards are already in the mail. They are so efficient. I love it.

I am tired out today from my sweetheart second graders. Ran after school. 3 miles. Working on editing some pictures.  Grading papers. Adoption paperwork.  Making my lunch for tomorrow. Laundry.   Just the normal evening.  Sometimes I feel so DARN THANKFUL for nights like this.

I crave normalcy. So here it is. I'm smiling. :)

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    Look at the top right corner of this will pick it for you!