Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Feet...and hands..

I have decided that the search is over. The plaster mold that made this was sent to the garbage dump. I tried to look for it, but I accidentally sent it away. I kept it around for a whole day and even took pictures of it (!) because I couldn't bear to get rid of it. But it was placed in a closet after the hospital so it had mold growing on it. And I don't know much about plaster. So, after keeping it for an extra day, just sitting there, I knew it was time to throw it out. It was just a gel mold, after all.  I kept asking Brandon if I should keep it and he kept saying no.  He is a minimalist.  He likes to get rid of anything with no direct purpose.
So I did it. I threw it away. And the garbage men came and took it.
And THEN I realized that I could have used it to make another one.
And I was so sad. It feels so final to only have this one little set of feet. I can't make another one. He is not around for that.
But who really needs TWO sets of feet?
One should do it.

There is just immense pressure on whoever sands the feet that they MUST NOT break them.
They are so DARN cute.
You would agree.
I don't know what to do with them.
I found this really cute thing at Anthropologie.  It's blurry, below, but you can kind of see it.  I thought about buying that and putting his feet on the bottom, on the little stand.  I don't want them in a shadow box on the wall, but I do want them in the house, but I want them secure so that my dogs and future kids don't get into big trouble by breaking them.  I don't want to focus on any PHYSICAL ITEM, like the feet, and get so focused on them. Those feet are not my son.  They are a fun reminder of him, but he is in the presence of the Lord.  THINGS are just here for bring me some comfort and peace.  But I would like a place to put those cute feet.  Any thoughts??


  1. Those feet and hands are precious. Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of very pretty boxes with glass tops, maybe you could put them in one surrounded by some cute fabric. It is a little different than a shadow box, but still secure...You are never boring Brooke, we see God in all these details. Beth in GA.

  2. brooke, i know you are okay with one set of feet,
    but i think you could have another one made from the set you have. i think you could use something soft like model magic to make another mold, and then pour plaster into that. i realize
    you would not want to take any chances with the cutest feet in the universe....which they are....
    so you would have to trust someone a lot.
    can you talk to the person who made them?

  3. A random thought to use the sweet feet molds .... Book ends on a book shelf ... They will always be out where u can see them and safe in their place :)