Sunday, September 26, 2010

Briar's Brother...

First off, I just thought I would show you a funny picture of Brandon.  He grew out his facial hair out during the week we were in the hospital. When he shaved it, he decided to make it look pretty fancy.  It only lasted a couple minutes.  I might have cried if we were going to keep that look, although I do think he can make anything look handsome.

Okay, moving on... I know I mentioned the obituary in the paper.  It finally showed in the Columbus paper on Thursday.  I was so happy, like a proud mom.  Who cares that there were literally pictures of roaches crawling on the top of the paper (gross idea, Ledger Enquirer...), but I was so happy to see the obituary.  That might seem odd, as it is announcing the passing of my son, but I was thrilled. I bought all the copies they had and then went to a newspaper machine and bought even more.  It's probably how my mom felt when I was in the paper for playing soccer in high school.  "Wollison scores winning goal" was an article that I still have clipped out....and I suppose if this is the one time my son will be in the paper, I am just so happy to see him in there. Acknowledged.  He was real. He was a life.  It showed in the Lexington paper today.  Although it's late, I was so happy that it finally ran.

At the end of the obituary, it mentioned that we have set up an adoption fund for Briar's future brother from Ethiopia.  If you aren't so inclined to support adoption or would just rather support another organization, I am a big supporter of March of Dimes.  They are one of the only organizations that researches anencephaly and all neural tube defects, so I really like them :)

Many of you have asked how to donate to Briar's Brother Adoption Fund, since you don't have a Wachovia bank near you.  Personally, I am too lazy to mail a check to anything, unless you give me the self addressed stamped envelope. I'll just be honest. So, I prefer paypal.  We have linked our paypal so it will add donations to the adoption fund as well.
If this is something that is dear to your heart, or you want to know a way to support us in the wake of Briar's passing, this is a wonderful way to do so.  Honestly, one dollar helps, because if everyone who read this blog gave just a dollar, it would add up fast.  So anyway, I only say that to say that you shouldn't feel bad about only wanting to give a small amount.  We have a LONG way to go to even have a portion of the money for the any amount will help.

Also, I really want a cute little "logo" like my friend Lesli's (see below... very cute!)...if you know anyone who does that..will you tell me? I'm thinking of something super cute and vintage-y.  I also want to eventually do a blog re-design...I need to understand blogs a little more. I would like to put the donate button on the side, but since I don't know how, I will probably put the donate button on the bottom of many posts so you can access it.  I hate to assume that people want to donate, it seems so presumptuous. But, I will be obedient and just tell you what I feel like I should.


  1. Picture of Brandon- creepy.
    So glad Briar was in the papers. I'm so glad you have that tangible item.
    Love the Africa pic. I love your blog the way it is, so I would be NO help to you in that arena!

  2. ps. Brandon looks great with a foo-man-choo. If it adds to the Lane Frost cowboy look!

  3. Just saw Briar's information in the paper in Lexington today! And I was happy to honor Briar by donating to his brother's adoption!
    Teresa Cordon

  4. I would LOVE to show you what I know about blog layouts! I'm a photoshop freak so I could sit for hours messing around with layout design...

  5. thanks for the it from Jenny,too...LOVE Bran's "foo-MAN-choo" (but I am not sure I am not just naturally biased by his BEAUTIFUL self!! ;> ) I am happy to contribute - and thank you for making it look "easier".
    Heard you have some company coming tomorrow - I know you'll BOTH love that (have fun together!)...saw the obit yesterday, it was very sweet albeit sad! Seems like you are going in the "right direction" with your grief...I am so proud of you and your HANDSOME, sweet husband! Keeping you in my prayers and in my heart!
    Love you!
    Linda W.

  6. Your story is just beautiful...your Faith inspiring...I feel certian God has AMAZING plans for your precious family!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Many Blessings!
    p.s. did you happen to get a little handprint? if so I would love to stitch it for you as a gift...just email me if so...jillmadkins@hotmail

  7. Brandon and John have lots in common. Check out this post

    About twice a year I have to live with wacky facial hair.

  8. you mentioned that you love march of dimes... but don't they encourage abortion in cases of genetic anomalies?