Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Picture Taking..

My friend Jess, who is a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER (in my opinion...and I know in the opinion of many others) has the cutest kiddos. She teaches me a ton about photography every time I'm with her. After I have Briar we're going to hang out and I'm going to (**ATTEMPT**) to help her with some things while I soak up some of her amazing-ness. Not hard to do. I spent one morning with her and the adorable kiddos before I went back to school.
I learned SO MUCH, by just doing a couple easy things.
I have SO MUCH left to learn.
Such a process.
But I really love it.
I am beginning to think the Lord wants me to love this whole "process" thing.
Taking me through the process of becoming more like him (more Godly)
the process of losing a child...
the process of learning to photograph...
the process of learning to be a gracious, sweet, kind wife, even in the midst of pain..
the process of loving others, even when I feel entitled to all the Love right now :)
All of these things bringing me back to the LARGER process of becoming more God like...more Godly...moving closer and pursuing my savior.  Knowing I won't ever get there.  If I did, then I wouldn't need a savior, would I?

Here are some fun pictures I took that day: (most proud that I took some indoor pictures with natural light, and I made them come out! That was a break through for me...)
(PS...If you are wondering, this IS (in fact) the little boy my husband tried to breast feed many months ago.  He is still recovering and healing from that incident.)
Don't you have days like this sometimes? Me too .... :)

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  1. Brooke, these are awesome pictures. The chunky legs picture is my favorite! Kennedy's look just like them!