Thursday, August 19, 2010

Such a Blessing...

Obviously in light of my circumstance, I am getting very good at appreciating blessings in life.
This is one.
Sweet Mary Brent.
Little Mango.
I know I posted about them....I've showed you pictures.  I'll show you more :)
Maybe after school I'll show you some pictures of Mary Brent out of the tummy in the real world. She came on Friday.  We met her Saturday.
Don't judge me, please, for going to see a baby. I have heard several times, "Oh, you're just torturing yourself to go see babies.  Don't do that, it will just make you sad, etc."  I disagree. I think rejoicing with friends over their  miracle makes it even more special.  I think that someday the Lord will bless us with another child but right now he's given us this one. I'm not saying that there is never a moment where I wish Briar were whole and healthy, but I can rejoice with fact, I NEED TO! :)
More of little MB to come!

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