Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Love Shower

Where to begin???
I feel so loved. and I am exhausted.
Friday night was a Love Shower. Saturday morning was an adoption sale. We had friends in town from North Carolina.  Today was breakfast with friends, church, lunch with friends, movie, errands..
I start school tomorrow. We are so tired.
But we are happy :)
Friday evening my sweet friends Rebecca and Christy had a "Love Shower" for me.
It was just perfect and wonderful.
The decorations were absolutely adorable. They couldn't have been cuter. They put the shower I did to shame.  :)
People wrote us sweet notes on these cards. It was so great to go back and read later.  On the left was the invitation that was sent. It was really neat to see his name in print.  
Look at those amazing decorations! Aren't they so fun??  And look at my sweet friends! Aren't they adorable??  I had a friend come from North Carolina, a sweet chaplain's wife who I've known for almost four years, my best friend from when I was 5 (who I love so much!) and many friends in town who love me...even the sweet friend who does my hair :) Luckily we took the picture before we prayed. :)  There were not too many dry eyes after the prayers were over. It was a sweet time where I was able to share a bit of my heart and things that they could be praying for AG and I. Then, we prayed. Whoever wanted to. It was perfect length and just spoke words of encouragement to my heart.  I loved it. I was honored.

I was telling them, through a couple tears...that I was so  thankful that they chose to come and celebrate Briar with me.  It is NOT EASY nor is it FUN to bear burdens with someone. It hurts to watch someone else hurt.  It takes courage to put yourself in a place of pain...on a Friday night when you could be doing WAY MORE FUN things :)  I told them thank you for being willing to hurt with me and bear those burdens with me.  
In Romans 12:15 it says, "Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn".  It is easy to REJOICE with others, but it is much harder to mourn with them. I speak from experience, as usually I back off of friends who are hurting and think, "Oh, that must be so hard, what they are dealing with"...but I fail to reach out and show myself as someone who loves them.  
Galatians 6:2 says "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."
I don't know if I ever really knew what this looked like until we walked this road. As others come in and shoulder some of the burden, it truly seems easier....lighter.  Today, in the sermon, one of our pastors said that community makes horrible times bearable. I couldn't agree more. Having friends and people who love us that gather around and shoulder the burden just makes us feel so supported.  THe morning of our adoption sale we had probably 6 people over here helping us move things out of the 7am!!!! That is true community.  We had friends give us extra money for our adoption and other friends drop by unannounced.  It was a great feeling, to know others are on our side and support us.  

Sorry for the boobs...I didn't realize that this dress was quite so revealing.  I guess they are just a blessing of pregnancy :) This is me with the lovely hostess-es.
Lindsay, my friend since I was 5 :)  She is glowing.
Whoops, there they are again....I will wear an undershirt next time :)  Catherine, who is due any day...and went with me to all my initial doctor's appointment's went AG was deployed... and sweet Barbara who works with me.  I will see her tomorrow (BOO! for school, YAY! for seeing her every day again :)
Look at this awesome quilt! AMY BUTLER!! I love it :)  Thank you Kathryn. It made me feel so loved. And don't tell AG I told you, but the inscription patch might have brought tears to his eyes...
Megan T, my other friend from when I was about 7yrs old, couldn't make it from Florida but sent this adorable gift through Lindsay. I am not kidding when I tell you that I will wear this bow in my a headband. Can you guess what place would wrap so cute?? Of course it's anthro!  This gift made my day :)

TO everyone who came, prayed, thought about me...thanks. I felt so cared for. I felt as though that was a sweet time from the Lord to know that we are not walking alone. That others are willing to walk this journey with us. That other people want to celebrate BRIAR too!!!  I know many of you wanted to be there but couldn't. Don't worry, I felt the love from you as well :)


  1. It was such a blessing to experience your "Love shower." I'm so glad the Lord has blessed you with such wonderful friends. Just know you and ALL the "B's" in your home are prayed for constantly!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this so I could vicariously live through the shower and pretend that I was there. Was thinking of you guys and I am so thankful that you have such sweet friends who live close by that are surrounding you in this!

    I know with you starting back to work this week it will be crazy busy and tiring, but I was hoping that before kiddos come maybe we could chat this week because I'm sure it will get even more chaotic once they come. :) I'll try calling you one of these afternoons or evenings because I MISS YOU and would love to check in and hear your voice. Glad you and B got some time away on a fun vacation! Hope to talk to you soon! LOVE YOU!

  3. P.S. I love the boobs. You're hot :)

  4. I am so sad that I wasn't able to attend. I'll see you soon and give you your gift!

  5. What a great post-these pics turned out great. You know tonight when we were talking about weight gain, and I said, "Doesn't really bother me-just worried about fitting in a bridesmaids dress." Well, I see that picture of us, and think, "Hmmm...maybe it SHOULD bother me a little more!" Ha! Barbara looks likes she's been drinking. But what BEAUTIFUL pics of you-you will be glad to have these. Speaking of gaining weight...I'm up at 4:30 eating pop-tarts ...and I NEVER eat pop tarts...sigh...

  6. What a beautiful idea and party...looks like you have some pretty amazing friends. I think you are the one glowing.