Thursday, July 29, 2010

ADOPTION GARAGE SALE + final day at beach :)

The last day at the beach was fun. We went to the sister hotel where the ghetto fitness center was, so I could workout. It keeps me sane :) While I did that, AG was hoping to do something exciting like windsurfing or sailing.  He found a hobie (which my dad used to race and we sailed on our honeynmoon---->the site of our first martial spat). I told him to take the boat out for a while and then I would swim out and meet him, which I did.  It turned out to be Briar's one and only sailing trip.  When we realized that it made us both a little sad, but it was special.

He wasn't that far away from shore here, but he ended up going SUPER far out.
He does not pose, but I end up with all these random photos of him. I need some children to photograph :)
I am ONLY showing this to you because it is Briar's only time sailing.  It is a horrendous picture, and AG and I might or might not have gotten in a small fight about choosing flattering camera angles...but he insists I will be happy to have this later...whichI know I will, and which is why you get to see it. I feel like a total beluga, but it is normal and important to grow and have a child inside :)
 Next you will see what happened when we left the beach. We went back up to the pool, and not to be outdone by a bunch of 5-7 year olds, AG decided he better go down the seashell slide. It was about the length of his body, but he enjoyed it.   And of course you can see creepy creeperson checking the slide out first....watching the little kids and making sure he was up for it :)
He will not be your friend if you let him know that you can see his scalp, but if I were to tell you a secret, this guy looks awesome with a shaved head. Not everyone can pull it off, but my man can.  He says he is going to wait until he is actually balding to shave it again.  His Army Guys shaved it on his birthday last year and I literally thought he might cry.  He really loves his hair :)  In college he grew it out so it flipped out under his hats. It was grungy.  I like him just how he is now.

Okay, so now back to the real world...BOOO!
School starts Monday. Kids come Friday. BOOO!
Don't get me wrong...i love my school, my coworkers, teaching, and the kids...
But I am not ready for summer to be done!
Not at all!!

My house is literally FULL of stuff right now. It looks like another house puked inside of it.  I mean, really...there is that much stuff. My grandma had some extra stuff when she moved and we got some of it, so now we are getting rid of some of our old stuff.  In addition, we have cleaned out the attic of some old furniture and are getting rid of a LOT of clothes and misc. items.  We are having something we are calling an ADOPTION SALE.  We desire and hope to begin an adoption within the year. Hopefully and prayerfully, whenever the Lord blesses us with our own natural child, the two children might be close in age. We know we are going to adopt a boy from Ethiopia, we have just always known. It has nothing to do with Briar, and we would have been adopting a boy from Ethiopia either way :)  It is special though, knowing that our son is an orphan, maybe even already, and we have the chance to give him a home and LOVE.  We want to begin the process, but even beginning costs several thousand dollars. We are trusting that God will provide if he truly desires this for our family. we begin.

We really didn't ask for many donations, this sale is mostly our own stuff. If you live in town and have any 'junk' you want to get rid of, or old furniture, etc, we would be happy to take the donation for our sale.  It is this SATURDAY, so obviously that doens't leave much time.

I am a little crabby lately, because look around my cannot even move...

I am looking forward to Saturday so I can move about in my house again. THat will be fun. :)  And maybe we will have a small chunk of finances to move forward with.  PS...I am baking some baked goods, if you are in town and want to bake anything we can sell, that would be great too. I appreciate the love and support, friends~!!


  1. Love the belly picture! I also know another guy who can pull off a bald head and yes, he started shaving it when his hair started jumping ship! Glad you had a great time at the beach!

  2. Your trip looked so fun! I hope the adoption sale goes great for you all :) Our house still has lots of other people's stuffed crammed in it for our next yard sale, but it will be worth it! Can't wait to hear how it goes...

  3. I remember Brandon's shaggy was not his best look! Lol. Good luck on your yard sale...i wish we lived close to come by.

    Ps. You look amazing in that picture, shut your face girl!~

  4. Meghan Mesalam BoroughJuly 30, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Loved this post, B. Our first marital spat was on a hobie-cat-thing on our honeymoon. We have avoided hobie-cat-things ever since! Miss you! Good luck at your sale!!!