Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watermelon Pie and Photos

I'm dying to try this ;)
It just looks so summer-y!
I actually found it last summer, but I still haven't. Maybe by putting this online I will actually do it.
It makes my mouth water just looking at it.
On another note, I am in a frustrating point in my photography.  Lately I don't have the patience to wait on lighting or my settings. I just want to switch to automatic.  LEARNING CURVE! When I get frustrated, I look at photography blogs.  This is by far my favorite family photo shoot. I always check in on this photographer...because I think they're awesome.  
And then there are these cuties and these....
one of my favorites, called "I heart faces"  does fun competitions where you submit your best photo for a certain topic. This was the winner for best pet photo.
SO many awesome photographers...


  1. I've always wanted to get into photography but don't think I'd have the knack for it ... that family picture is adorable!
    Hope you're enjoying your summer : )

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out and for your sweet words on my blog!

    Hang in there with the phototography! Shooting in manual can be frustrating sometimes (I'm still on that learning curve), but if you stick with it I promise you'll see the results in your photos and never look back to that auto button again! :-)

  3. I read something on one of my photography blogs that I stalk, and she was talking about how there is no shame is shooting in auto sometimes. She's a pro and still uses it sometimes when she's in a hurry to get a shot and doesn't have time to get it all "right" with her camera. There's such a negative stigma attached to "auto", but it's ok to use it. For real. Don't be discouraged! My theory is, just do the best you can with what you've got at the moment. That's how I roll. And I KNOW you're just dying to roll like me. Mmmmmhmmmm.

  4. They're all bookmarked on my laptop, and I'm on our imac right now. But here's a good one (and probably the one who wrote about shooting in auto) http://www.natalienortonphoto.com/ There are a bunch of really helpful tutorials on the left hand side under "On the Web". Very helpful. I love to read her blog----not so much about photography right now, but I like it. I'll send you some other links stat (as in probably tomorrow :) ). Love you B! You're a great photographer----can't wait for us to open our business someday!! :)

  5. Okay-had to check your blog to make sure you didn't write about me-ha ha-j/k! You are an awesome, talented photographer already & you're just getting started!! Everyone loves your pics-you will get more & more comfortable with it the more you do it-I'm sure it can be frustrating-but people like me are sure glad you do it!! :)

  6. OY. I need that cake. NOW. Pregnancy stomach is taking over my mind!

  7. I'm in the kitchen.... trying to make the pie right now. Her instructions are so not accurate. I'm fixing them and I'll let you know what you should do different.... :) Love you.

  8. hi. i can't remember if i ever came to thank you for your kind words when i had to pull my son from school.
    so just in case, thank you. it was a hurricane of a time, and i don't think i got all the thank you's out that i wanted to.

    so, thank you.

    and lighting: once you get it, you'll get it. i learned studio lighting this winter, and that has been a huge help to me. i feel like now i can do anything--even shoot right into the sun with a person facing me. and the tricks are in having foam core at your disposal to bounce light- just big, cheap boards, not $300 reflectors/ diffusers- just white sheets, foam core, shooting in raw, and courage =) and cursing the fact that you never paid attention in physics class... all.the.time. =)

    do you have lightroom? it's great. esp lightroom 3. you can move light around in it.

    and just a note, i love that pic and those people look super-fun- and i'd love that couch for my work, but a hint to you is that those eyes in those pics have been worked and worked on. there are "eye" programs that do that. so, lighting maybe not have been perfect. it's in post-production a lot of that happens =)

    i love your spunk and care and fun. i hope you're enjoying photography.
    thanks for your comments,