Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mango's Preggo Shots...Part 1 :)

These are only a couple, I plan to finish this week...and I'll show more then. I just got my new MacBook Pro and I'm pumped! We got it for only $200 by using rewards we have through our credit card. HOORAY! But for now I will finish editing on my normal computer, then I will switch to the world of MAC.

The Mangrum's, or Mangos as AG likes to call them...are one of our favorite couples of all time. We are known to have some long rock band parties, corn hold duels and there always seems to be good food around b/c Catherine seems to be a food networld and cooking light protege. We are so excited to meet Mary Brent in just a couple weeks!! Congrats Mangos.....and SORRY YOUR PICS HAVE TAKEN SO LONG. I'm excited to show you the rest...after you did your wardrobe change.

**EDITED TO ADD** Das Kind means "the child" in german. It just so happens Adam lived in Germany for 8 yrs and Catherine and Adam lived there as newlyweds. Some German decided to do some graffiti in our town (truly, it wasn't us..) so we decided to use it...


  1. I love all of these pictures! We are excited as well to meet Miss Mary Brent!!! Maiya will be a great cousin! :)

  2. These pics are out of this world. Can't wait to meet little miss! You did good Brooke:)

  3. They are so good! Great job! Oh and your new background is adorable I might add! It was so good seeing you last night. :)

  4. Awesome Brooke! The Mangos are beautiful!