Thursday, July 1, 2010

Left Field

Bear with me, I'm all over the place again today.
First, I'll tell you that we went to the doctor today and it was awesome. We were able to see a 4D ultrasound of sweet Briar at a little over 20 weeks. His little face is so cute. He looks like he has some big lips :) I am measuring about three weeks ahead in my amniotic fluid, which could turn out to be a bad sign down the road, but doesn't pose any threat now. We had a good time with my midwife, talking through the grief process.  It was very validating for my feelings to hear that it is okay to go through these emotions.  I am often tired and sometimes others worry about me, but we realized today that I kind of fell through the cracks early in my pregnancy when I was shuffled around from perinatologists and back to my normal OB and midwife.  My wonderful midwife noticed that I never got any of my prenatal bloodwork done. I could have anemia or a number of things that could explain that. I won't say I loved the needle part, but I am happy to be moving forward, almost as a 'normal' pregnancy would :) 
I want to share some fun things that I have done this week. 
A long time ago I told you I won a giveaway from GUSSY. is the cutie bag I got. I also picked up a gift for a friend...but I won't post that now :)
Do you happen to remember when I posted about this purse that was for sale at Anthropologie? Last week while I was at my mom's I got a package there. My sweet, adorable hubby reads my blog, ordered the purse and had it sent to me while we were away. What an amazing hubby he is.  

Today I went book shopping. My last four books were late to the library by almost a week and they always are. There is something awesome about buying books too. I know...a major splurge, but I think it's worth it. AND I've been on the waiting list at the library for EAT, PRAY, LOVE for almost six months :) and the movie comes out soon!! So I got that, the new Karen Kingsbury book, and a devotion written by a mom who lost a baby, recommended to me by  a sweet college friend. 
And then there are these. 
You need to go buy some. 
They are awesome. Hard shell, soft ice cream with a yummy center. Best part? 130 calories each. Sometimes I have two.......I mean that's still only 260. Seriously!! Most desserts are 300+!! And Publix has them BOGO. So....I would go there right now. And buy some. Because they are AWESOME. And I wouldn't lie.And they aren't paying me. I wish they were.

Happy Thursday to you.
Last night my hubby and I went to a double header movie. First Knight and Day, then Grown ups. NO, we didn't sneak in to either. We might have, had they been in the same theater. But they weren't. It was fun. But lots of sitting. :)


  1. Sounds like you are a little bit better :) - good to hear - put you, Bran, and Briar on the prayer list at church - sorry I missed you when you were hear last week - tell Bran he IS awesome...esp. sending you "prizes" while he's away!
    Just started reading Eat,Love, Pray today- LOVE IT!! Excited to hear what you think!! Can't wait for the movie!
    Love to you and Bran and Briar!!
    Happy 4th of July!!

  2. Went out today and bought some of those ice cream bars at Publix. I'm taking your word for it that they are good. Hopefully, they'll meet my ice cream cravings. :)

  3. Um...I LOVE that Anthropologie bag! Love. Going to the site right now to see if by chance it's still on sale b/c I think I must have it.