Friday, July 2, 2010

Comments make me smile :)

 Pic of AG and I at my cousin's wedding last weekend
Hello Blog Stalkers!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello. Thanks for stopping by. 
I used to be like you. I used to stalk in silence.
Looking around, but never saying hello. 
Sitting in silence.
But guess what? 
One day I commented on something. I left feeling so good.
Feeling like I made a new friend. :)
I'm serious.
Ever since, when I read something I connect with or I want to encourage, I say hi. I say "I know I'm a stranger, but..."
I just want you to know that I am currently in a state of summer. That means no school. An abyss of time. Of possibilities.
I keep busy. But I don't see people all day every day like I normally do. I find myself on facebook too much.  You don't want that for me do you?
Leave me a comment to say hello.
You don't have to do it on this post. (I don't want you to feel singled out) But really, just say hi.

In the midst of this grief, I feel so encouraged just to hear, "I"m thinking about you"....or, "I read your blog".  

I'm just saying. Please keep reading silently. Or speak up.
Either way will make me smile :)



  1. that's a gorgeous picture! :) I don't mind feeling singled out... so HI :) I'm thinking about you!

  2. Well, Hello..... You look gorgeous as usual! Hayley always says that I am a champion stalker, so it's only fitting that I'm a champion virtual stalker too. I do think about you daily, and pray for you, Brandon, and Briar. God is working mightly in your life...and I pray you continue to find joy in this journey. ~Margaret

  3. I LOVE "commenting" - even if I don't have anything worthwhile to say!! (Could that possibly EVER be true?? I am a true Democrat, ya' know!)
    The pic of adorable you and totally handsome husband is great - you both look very happy!!
    (And B is soooooo absolutely gorgeous!)
    Have a great day - an even better weekend - relax, read, SMILE a little...and know that MANY people are thinking of you and praying for you...including ME!!
    Love you all!

  4. Hi Brooke ! I'm not a stranger, per se, but we never really connected in NC so here I am! I have to admit I'm guilty of not commenting in the past but I'll say hello from now on!
    I hope you don't mind my saying, but I think of you, Brandon and sweet Briar often during my quiet times and pray for you all as well. Your blog is so well written and your faith is inspiring.
    I hope you have a great 4th!

  5. Ha ha B!

    Would it make your day if I told you I woke up thinking about how much I love my college basketball and how Phil tolerates it? I thought for a moment that I was the only one, but then I remembered your Kentucky Basketball post...oh if BC & KY ever play we should go and have the guys sit between us :)

  6. I'm here. Hi! And I'm thinking about you. Happy fourth, Brooke and family!

  7. hey brooke. i'm stephanie, married to a major in the ranger regiment here at fort benning. not sure if you remember me, but you commented on my blog a long time ago. anyway, i check in now and then and you are always in my prayers. hope you are having a good day full of little happinesses. xo

  8. You thought I was lying didn't you? You really did make my day!! It's fun hearing from some of you I haven't chatted with in a while!!

    Yes,T, I am a college bball fanatic. So much so that when we arrived in Illinois at the wedding last weekend we immediately went to the hotel to turn on the NBA draft....5 Kentucky guys in the first round...I really am that dorky :)

  9. B :) I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing this journey with us all out here. I love coming here to see the latest in your world. Praying for you often. Love you, Nat

  10. you and AG make me smile. Thanks for your sweet note via fb. Yes, you do have to visit us soon. hugs n' kisses -df

  11. Brooke -

    You may not remember me, but my name is Lindsey Hisle - used to be Simpson. We went to church together at SACC. I came across your blog from Facebook, and I have to admit that I am a silent stalker of many blogs. I love your honesty, and your faith inspires me. I think about you every day and say quick prayers for you, Brandon, and Briar! You have no idea how many lives you will touch through the struggles you are going through now. I pray that God continues to use you and give you strength. You are an amazing woman and mother, and you inspire me to be a better mother!! God bless you and your family!!

    - Lindsey

  12. Comments rock! Wish blogger was as easy as FB to comment...why do they make it so difficult!?!?!?

    Always checking on you through Danielle's blog...and continually thinking about you. :)

  13. You totally called out the Blog Stalkers....that was you Brooke. I am here by a Blog talker not Well that is cheesy but sooo whatever....:)
    Sharon H.