Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24 weeks at the beach.... :)

Yesterday we just enjoyed a day at the beach together after driving around the island to explore. We even found a Starbucks!! :) Oh, the little pleasures.  
Both of these I am practicing DOF and focus.  I love the cute little family in the background..
This is my new camera strap that my sweet friend Rebecca got me from Shey B. camera straps!
Thanks Linda, for the adorable bag. It's my gym bag and my beach bag...Alicia brought hers to the beach too :)
not a bad day.... :)
I don't know this fella, but I was practicing focusing on an object far away....and he seemed to want a picture taken...he was posing.
We bought AG new trunks yesterday. Much better than the flesh colored ones :)  He said the flesh colored ones said, "Hey, I"m formal, but I'm here to party" because he could wear them out with a button up and then be ready to swim.  Oh goodness...
There he is .:)
I burnt the inside of my belly button on the first day. It looks so sad and pink.  Can you see the faint line? It's there...
Do you see the chair by the ocean? That was the goal. We played soccer. I am pretty sure I almost had some ladies come tell me that the baby doesn't need that kind of trauma :) But it was fun.


  1. Meghan Mesalam BoroughJuly 27, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    There are a million things I love about this post! Especially your bikini, your bump, your UK hat, and the fact that you played soccer (you were always SO good!) :)

  2. You look great, Brooke! Glad you're having a nice time!

  3. These photos are gorgeous! Really makes me want to sit out at the beach and stalk people with my camera...your Briar bump is adorable!

  4. Really cute beach bag - somebody must really love you!! ;) Really cute husband, too! And the "Briar bump" (along with the (not as faint as you may want to think it is) faint line is precious!
    You ALL look good - even your handsome Brother-in-law! (But why FL in the summer - I'll never understand that!)
    Have fun - and keep RE-APPLYING!!!
    Love you all!