Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday I took some pictures of my friend Rebecca and her hubby Travis. Sweet Emma Jane is due any day now....three weeks to be exact. I don't know if Emma will hold on. I hope she does, so Bec can finish the school year. We teach together every day. She is an amazing teacher. She has been a great example to me since I began teaching.

I haven't edited all the pictures yet, in fact...when I got home last night they were all GONE from my memory card. GONE!!!!!!! All of them! So sad.
But I was able to recover them through a cool website called photo rescue. Thank goodness for technology!
Here are a couple that are done so far...

Do you like sarcasm? I love it. The office. Napolean. Some great shows on tv with some major sarcasm. Let me clear this up. I like it, but not when directed at me. Do you understand the difference? Regular sarcasm is fine but when it seems like a personal attack I don't love it...or when it begins being negative all the time...

But that being said...I love Napolean Dynamite. You either love this movie or you hate it. I started off hating it, and now I love it. I hadn't seen it in forever, and I noticed it was on TV when I woke up at 5:30pm (side note: I am the leader of the 5pm greet team at church that arrives at 4:30. whoops. I went for a nap at 1pm...I knew I would be up at 2 or 3...apparently not!) This is my first day alone since my appt. on Friday. I went to church, cried through half of worship (had a sweet friend to hold my hand), and then really enjoyed hearing the word of God spoken. I love our church!

This week I am really looking forward to seeing my hubby. No promises, but it looks like he's coming :) Woo hooo!!! Just to hug him and sit with makes me so relieved! God is who will take us through this, but it sure will be nice to be with my husband to work through all of it.

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  1. These are amazing! You are so talented, we are so lucky to have a friend that would take such sweet pictures of us! This is a moment in time that we will never forget. Thank you Brooke! LOVE YOU!