Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm still here..

I don't really love excuses. but I seem to be the master of them. No time to blog. At least not right this minute.  Why? Well's the busiest week of my whole school year. I am 11 wks preggo and totally exhausted. In an embarrasing way. I hate to complain about it or demand that I leave events to rest, but's all I can manage. I was at work and then a meeting until 8:30 tonight. When I got home I just crashed. But look at me now. I'm still up. Just to tell you that I'm not blogging.
Oh...and then there is the whole avoidance issue when I think about all the heartache around me in my military community and in my family. It is tough. Easier to ignore and pray about. God is hearing my pain. But I'm not sure how else to process it. I go to church and people want and expect me to be happy. Sometimes I want someone to ask me how I am and STOP and listen. Not wait for the traditional, expectational. "GREAT!".  One friend does that and then I cry on her. So...maybe that is why most people don't wait for the answer :) 
The other reason is if I am on the computer I am either on facebook checking on fellow military spouses...or I am trying to edit pictures of my sweet friends. That's right. I mentioned them about three weeks ago. Back when I thought I would finish editing. Well I didn't. And I haven't. I am embarrassed. But I am SO TIRED. I almost passed out in publix. Seriously got clammy and dizzy ...
But are some more of the shoot. I promise...Becs and Erin...I am almost done. And I will give them to you soon. I promise. I do not promise it will be before the end of the first trimester. But it will be before Emma Jane arrives. HA :)  
They were so fun to hang out with. They love each other so much. After editing these pics I bought the gray shirt for myself from Jcrew. It's adorable.
The end. Goodnite :)


  1. Great pictures! Where did you take them? I understand your exhaustion. I'm praying for you sweet friend!

  2. You inspire me! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with those that love and admire you.