Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I wish this had a date on it...I imagine it was around second grade. 
Don't get me started on my teacher. Didn't teachers teach kids how to write an introduction and conclusion? What about transition words? What about details?   They obviously taught me cursive though.  WOw. I would NOT grade this well in my class. But guess what? I was probably a student who was taught all of that and didn't listen ;) I know some of those.

To reflect: I was thankful for my parents for having me (hopefully my baby will be thankful to me someday of that). I was thankful for food because without it I would be dead. Now I feel more like "Lord, thank you for food because of the awesome tastes :)" maybe I could control this pregnancy stuff if I would just be reminded that food is for nourishment?!  And then maybe the best part...I was thankful for soccer because without it I would have nothing to do. Mwahhahahahaha. Really? Nothing to do. Imagine such a life.

Now, I would say I am thankful for dear frienships that encourage and challenge me.  I am thankful for a loving, giving, sacrifical husband who loves beyond himself. I don't deserve that. 
I am thankful for my army family. I have never seen a stronger or more united group of women. I used to think that these FRG organizations created drama. Now I know that they create an environment of love and acceptance. I truly don't know if I would have made it the last month without them.  
I am thankful to be in a place where I know the Lord loves me and accepts me regardless of how much I do to act otherwise. I truly almost shared the gospel with my class because it came up, "We all deserve to be loved by God". I almost said, "NO WE DON"T!! We are sinners....we are so lucky to be loved by an amazing God...even though we don't deserve it, he sent his son to DIE for us..not because we DESERVE it, but because he knew that was the only way to salvation..the only way to make his people see the love.  "  I almost said, "Have you ever received a gift? (Hello, Romans Road....) Did you deserve it? Have you ever done anything wrong? (really, nothing?) Okay, I'm going to stop telling you what I would have said. Because I couldn't say it. None of it. I just had to bite my tounge because I work in a public school.

But guess what? Someday, I will tell my kids all about it. And someday when that happens in the classroom they will be the naughty kid yelling out without raising their hand and telling all their classmates about Jesus and his power and his grace that we received even though we deserved NONE of it. 
WHEW. Deep breath out.
Time for bed.

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