Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Baby Inspiration...

No, I'm not pregnant, nor am I sure I'm even near that point in life. 
But a lot of my friends are.
So  I felt like finding some inspiration.
I like the idea of something cute, but not something SO pepto bismal pink (although I could paint a room pink, I'm not saying I'm against it) or bright blue...
I like the trees popping up in a lot of nurseries.
I like family touches.
I found this at Tiny Decor, where there is a lot of modern nurseries. I love this.

 Gotta love a good tutorial. Plus, my absolute favorite background color. Great for a boy or girl...
One of my favorite blogs to read is The Joyeful Journey. She is SUPER creative and super focused on the Lord. I love that. It's hard to find both...I mean, she calls her baby the womb baby...Love her.
Okay, and this is probably the most unique. I LOVE ASHLEY ANN. I mean...every DIY she does is on my list to do.  How does she come up with it all?! I couldn't agree with Ohdeeoh understand me so well? Read..
If you know anyone who wants to make me an amy butler quilt, will you let me know :) She is lucky enough to have a mom who makes them... I love how this room looks so girly, but also not too bubblegum.  Currently, sweet hubby is painting my office a light bright color...and working on a pallet bed...so that we have a nice hangout room. Basically her nursery is a reading room with a crib in it. I like it.  I want the reading room now...the nursery might be a lot farther off.

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss!! I am so thankful that there was such a silly, awesome guy to give us such fun reading material.  I am past Dr.Seuss, but... I was so hooked on a book that I read it the whole time I was blow drying my hair, while I was getting my coffee at starbucks, as I ate my oatmeal and then even at stoplights on my way to work. Put the book down lady!   :) 

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