Thursday, March 11, 2010


10 of my favorite things...

polka dots and ric rac. Really. I just love looking at cute, crafty things. Thus the name of my blog. :)

The way a peony looks when it fully blooms

looking at a completed decorating project...and knowing it will change again soon. Nothing ever stays for long.

The gaze my husband gives me.....that tells me that there is noone else he'd rather be married to. I'm so glad he feels that way.  I feel the same.

The look that Bella (the dog) gives me when she knows she's done something naughty. It is so cute. I can't be mad. {it happened today when I got home from bootcamp...she was sitting on top of the ottoman which was on top of the couch, so she wouldn't sit on the couch...and she had just eaten my OTHER favorite pillow}

The dew on a soccer field before a morning game (or in the forest before a morning run).

Sunshine, grassy field, picnic lunch

Finding a great a garage sale, at TJ Maxx, from a friend, on the side of the road....I'm not picky...

Encouragement. True, kind encouragment from a dear friend. 

My new is green with different green buttons on top. It goes right next to my awesome life application study bible. together they create.

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