Monday, March 15, 2010

The game....

There is just something about March Madness...about a legacy of a team....about college sports. That just makes me smile. I love sports. I love playing them. I  love watching them, usually only my team :) I am so happy that Kentucky won the SEC tourney tonight last night. I am pumped for the NCAA tournament. I love seeing Joy like these guys had last night. {I live in Georgia now...I just can't forget my home team}
Maybe it's not in Jesus.
Maybe it's not perfect.
But boy, it is genuine, pure JOY.  
And a determination to win.
I like that.
So, I look like this right now:

Got the sweetest compliment talking to some of AG's buddies at work.  They came up to me at a party on Friday and said, "Your husband is one of the happiest guys I've ever met. It doesn't matter how crazy things are, he's just a happy dude. We don't get it...but it's awesome.  I always get mad so easily...but he's always calm.".  I loved that. It spoke sweet things to my heart. Jesus is showing in him. He might not run around the office telling people to pray the sinner's prayer or else...but I know he is an influence on those around him.  And in combat...when it matters...they know they can count on him. I'm thankful for that :)
Goodnight, my friends.
Tried to hit up Hobby Lobby today. Dying to craft. It was closed. Oh well :)

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