Friday, March 19, 2010

A little pink in a world of camo..

Well, I was going to give a to-do list of the weekend. I was going to mention some of what was going on with me this week...why I haven't been posting.
Then I read this post...and I just never know what can happen.
We never know our days. God has them numbered.
I take my time with my hubby for granted. So I intend to blog very little until I don't have him around to hold on to.  Because every moment he's home...I want to be fully present.
If you haven't hopped over yet...this is her and her sweet hubby. He never met the baby!
I am not trying to be Debbie Downer...but this is reality. Many people don't understand. I get least I understand the fear and the worry. The process...
Hope you have a wonderful Friday. Give your husband a kiss today :)

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  1. B -

    Hold on tight! Throughout our nation's history only about 1% of the American population has chosen to serve in the military. An additional 1% accounts for their dependents - spouses and children. The more you share stories like this, the more we can all in turn support our troops, their spouses and their children!