Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Rambling...

Well, I wish I had lots of exciting crafts and projects to report on. But right now, I am simply enjoying taking walks with my hubby and the dogs...
We are doing nothing except laundry, cleaning, naps...
Oh, and I watched him do an ADVENTURE RACE on Saturday...which was fun!  I was wet, muddy, rainy....but fun.

Do you see the orange blobs in the trees...? That is them :)
Friday we just had to go to two different Army functions. Both were good and fun...with friends...but still tiring. So we left the rest of our weekend low key. 
5:00pm Church Sunday really throws me off. I love it. But I sleep in way too late!!
Today we had a guest speaker and he talked about battles in our lives that we MUST win.  What are they for you?  We were going to talk about them tonight, but ended up at dinner with some fun friends for a we didn't get a chance. I think it's a good thing to talk about.  The speaker said his battles he must win are for his 1. Integrity  2. Family  3. leadership (leading others to Christ)
He talked about how we can have a battle, but unless we INSIST on winning, we won't win. He used a lot of examples, but one we can all relate to is food. He said that unless we choose to trust God and Insist that he control our lives, we will not win the battle.
Then he said after we choose to INSIST to win, we have to PERSIST when things get tough.  When we don't want to keep going.
Finally, he talked about how we have to RESIST temptation if we want to win our battles. Again...I have given up sweets before
..and I can often insist and persist, but it is super hard to resist over time.
Probably not communicating very well...but it was a neat talk. :)

I know I won't be able to resist anything at this baby shower I am throwing for my sweet friend Rebecca. I tried to make the invitation before we left for Savannah last weekend. It was cute, but when I tried to make a copy of the original (which was more 3d), it just didn't come out well. I don't know how to digitally create (thus why I have no buttons or anything on my blog. I have been googling it, but can't figure it out, so if you know, please tell me!!) 
Anyway, so I turned to my nice friend etsy and I searched for silhouette baby shower. I found the bottom invites and loved them. It worked out...and it wasn't much more than designing them myself.  Again, another reason why etsy is awesome.

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