Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Have you ever used "Wordle"?
I learned about it at school, and I have been using it like crazy ever since. Do you want to try? This is how it will look...kind of like a word cloud. I had so much trouble getting this one window into my blog.  And I can't figure out how to draw on it either. Such a rookie, I am. :)
It's already 11:25pm. And I haven't planned bootcamp. So....this is all you get.
But do you see in the bottom left corner how it says, "Randomize", right next to print?
Well, first, you know that Wordle must be cool if it uses a word like "Randomize".
But does this awesome thing where it moves your words all around and changes the font and colors. Then you press Randomize again and again and again and wait for the magic. It's pretty awesome.
To save this and print it beautifully, just press the "Print Screen" button on  your computer
Paste the screen into Microsoft Paint, photoshop, whatever works for you.
Then cut out the area you want to use.  Save it. Paste it into Microsoft Word, or wherever makes you happy.
Then you have a real document.
I wish I could've gotten a real one to save.
They are so cute.
The one above is just boring.
But you get the idea?
  It looks great on scrapbook pages,bookmarks, headers, etc.

One more thing. Please check out Ashley Ann.  Just like Meg from Whatever, I will refer to Ashley as if we're pals. Like she doesn't have a billion readers to her blog and I have 10.  It's no big deal. She's awesome. And, lucky you, she is doing giveaways right now. How long will they last? I don't know, but she is celebrating 500 posts.
She is awesome. You will love her EASY, fun crafts. Her house is adorable.  You will LOVE her stuff.
And one last thing.
I think I got talked into doing a half ironman. Seriously? Am I crazy?

The longest one I've done so far is an Olympic Distance (picture below is after. See how happy I was....after? During...I did not look this happy I guarantee).  But I've been training. A lot.
Today I did a swim this morning (5:45am) and then a bike/strength/run this evening 5:30pm.  So...I haven't registered  yet. I'm looking for confidence :) 

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