Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Starbucks tragedy...

My daily Starbucks fix took a total turn for the exciting and exhilarating Tuesday morning (around 7am).  As I walked in and approached the chair where my pastor friend usually sits, I see this scene on the left.  Umm....what happened?  Well, my pastor friend was late to Starbucks that day (he is there at the same time, same day EVERY day)...obviously the Lord was protecting him from this.  No sarcasm here. I truly believe that. 
The story gets better when I find out that a cop actually did this.  The story my Starbucks worker friend Josie told me was that the cop pulled someone over and had his car in reverse. He got out of the car and realized what he did. He jumped back in the car to press the brake....and hit the gas. Whoops.  Sorry about your job, Mr.Policeman.

I stole these pics from my friend Jenna, whose husband saw this too, and got the pictures. I was kicking myself for not having a camera. So, thanks Ian.

Enough for tonight.  Very exciting.


  1. Haha awesome! (awesome that Ian's pictures went to good use, not that the policeman ran into Starbucks) I've been checking your blog all day to see if you had posted today or not...hehe...

  2. haha! AT first i thought you did it! and that would have been super funny, but expensive, and you could have gotten hurt, which would have been not good....
    then i actually read the text and found it funny again knowing that you were ok and that a police officer not only did one thing stupid, but two things stupid! love it!!

  3. haha :) I guess the "MY" goes more with Starbucks than with Tragedy. I have claimed the Starbucks as my own, basically.