Monday, February 22, 2010

The Terror Strikes Again

Really Dogs?
I leave you alone (with friends letting you out and feeding you, I'm not that mean!) all of Friday Night and ALL DAY Saturday and there is no damage. I leave you for two hours to go to an Army Event and you tear apart my new pillow (to replace one of the ones you previously chewed)?
Not to mention the rug that is pushed under the couch already because you pulled out all the thread from about a basketball sized hole....
Good thing I love you.
Good thing you are such great companions.
Now, the question is...which one of you is it?
The Neurotic Beagle....
Or the fun, happy go lucky lab mix?

I have been blaming my sweet Bella, the chocolate lab/pointer mix.  But when I spanked her, I found Buoy in the office hiding under the desk.
Is it time for a hidden camera? Are we going to resort to that?
Happy Monday to you!


  1. Ohhh no! Again?! Good thing we love our doggies huh?

  2. AHHHHHH. Hidden camera might not be a bad idea!

    I'm sorry!