Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A flower hair pin full of fun

I think it is so fun to make things. I am the opposite of a perfectionist.
I think this is why I have no problem making things for myself but I have trouble creating for others.
If I create things for others: it needs to be good.
For me, ahhhh....decent works just fine.
I started to ask myself "WHY?" because it made me feel kind of like a slob. Like I don't do things nicely or well. I think I'm just busy. So the crafts have to fit into the schedule. So if I can make a hair pin in about 5 minutes....that is awesome. I can handle some spare hot glue strands or a little bit imperfect cut circles. After all, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?
Well...it does if I make things for other people.
I have this friend, Rebecca.
She is awesome. She is pregnant. I want to make her things.
Like this cute burp cloth
 or this adorable onesie
 or goodness, this cateye onesie
or this tote, which I have already failed at making once.
I have trouble with that because she is a MAJOR perfectionist. When she came to my house and saw my window mistreatments, she NOTICED a mistake. She said, "Are you going to fix that edge?".  I just hadn't even noticed. I wanted some praise for trying something new. Eventually she told me they were cute, so I got it :)
So, my goal before I throw her a baby shower in April is to slow down and make some crafts really CAREFULLY.  Don't worry, I've already tried about four things that I have had to THROW AWAY because they weren't quite up to par for her. :)  So it should be awesome. Either that, or she's going to have to look past my little errors and love it anyway :)

This flower below, I made in about five minutes. I just had an old Christmas button (silver with polka dots) and some gray felt. I cut it up in circles, inspired again by my friend jenna who has a cute shop called "felt sew lovely".  She is probably not proud that I am telling you about her and then showing you this weird, crazy flower. But, hey, it's only my second one. And like I said, no perfectionists here... :)
It's Tuesday! I might go help with Extreme Home Makeover Tonight.
I might not.
We'll see.
Either way, hubby will be home...and I"m trying to talk him into making me this reading bed for our office.

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