Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our point of contention...

The bumper.
It's missing, obviously.
A guy at Army Guy's work hit the car with the work truck.  He knocked the vehicle pretty hard and knocked the bumper off.  We got several estimates and we submitted it to the government.  We will be getting our money soon for the replacement.
I guess AG sees that as money to invest into something, like our other vehicle.  I see it as money to replace the bumper with.  I do not want to drive this vehicle with no bumper. It just feels trashy.  At least to keep ti like this forever or inevitably.  
He sees no problem with it.
So, being a good wife I decide to stop bothering him about it as long as he doesn't ever make me drive it.
We make a deal.
So today he tells me he needs the truck for his moutain bike. And I have to drive the car with no bumper. And he continues...I probably need it the rest of the week too.
I'm not okay with that.
I don't drive it. That's the deal!
What is the right thing?
Because I just can't handle the bumper-less car. It's just not classy. But maybe I should put my pride away and deal with it?
I just don't know.
IT was a crazy weekend, helping with the house in Birmingham....more to come on that later.
I also began our 5pm service at church, leading the greeting team!  I got to sleep in on Sunday.  Happy Day!


  1. So sorry my friend.

    I know you said "no" ... but out of love for your husband (and NOT the car) you might want to say yes.

    I know it stinks. But you are AWESOME....

  2. I did drive it yesterday, but I don't want to drive it all the time. But, I think you're right, I just wish he wasn't so stubborn :) Oh, the joys of being a faithful, loving wife!