Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not quite as planned..

I was on my way to Kentucky.
I made it more than two hours. An eight hour drive to Kentucky turned into a six hour circular drive back home.
It started like this.
11am: Scheduled to get off work
11:25  Finally got off work after making sure my class was all set for the substitute.
12:30 Finally got on the road to Kentucky after getting done packing.  
As I was on the road, I called my dad.
I was about to fall asleep, so he was wonderful to keep me awake. We chatted.
I randomly asked him if he would check out the weather.  
He did.
He told me to turn around.
With a winter weather advisory and snow/ice storms happening most of the weekend, he told me he wouldn't advise the trip on my own.  
So, after I had already completed the trip through Atlanta, GA and arrived on 75 North, I got off on the first exit I could find.  I was still on the phone with my dad.
He asked me if I would put a place in my GPS. It was in Marietta, GA. 
He is looking at cars for my mom.
He has lots of time since he retired. He even thought about driving down himself.
Once I put it in my GPS I realized that I was only 4 minutes from the car place.
So I agreed.
I looked at Saab convertibles.
But the one he wanted was gone.
I could not figure out why I was randomly looking at cars when I should've been on my way to Kentucky.
As I turn around, I find this huge chicken in the middle of Georgia.

Wow. Pretty  Huge. I'm talking HUGE.  Like two water towers put together.
So, I got myself turned around. By this time, it's around 2:30 or later.
I decide that if I'm going to make a four hour + round trip, I might as well hit Anthropologie at the fancy, famous Lenox mall.
I put it in my mapquest and go back and forth on whether my dogs can handle that time in the car.
I decide they must.
I have only been to Anthro one time. And I loved it.
So I had been eyeing these beautiful measuring bowl/cups online. I have put them in my shopping cart several times online. And I have chickened out. "Are they really worth $32"...I kept thinking?
Then I walked in. (I had to journey across the whole mall.  I walked in on one end and asked the nice guy at Urban Outfitters and he told me it was the absolute farthest thing away.)
When I walked in, I felt like I had arrived home.  
The place is just THAT cool.
It made me very jealous that my blog friend Rachel works there.  What a fun job. 
But, as you might have guessed, I caved and got the bowls.  They are too cool!

I get back in the car, very relieved that the dogs did not eat the dog treats or the snacks in the car.  Hooray.  Small Victory. 
So I get back onto the road, and it's around 4.  I wait in downtown ATL traffic, barely moving at all, until 5:30pm.
Since I didn't plan on being in ATL during that time, I just wasn't thinking.  
I finally arrived home around 7:30.  I stopped at Sam's (really quick)
It was one of those times where I walked around the store thinking I didn't need a cart. Then when I walked up to the 1 hr. photo to check out, my hands were overflowing to the point of falling over.  Some nice guy saw me struggling and grabbed my dog food from me. I was thankful.
The lady at the counter thought he was my husband and we had a total akward moment.
I eventually got home (after stopping again at Walmart) at 9.  
I talked to a friend until my phone died. 
I fell asleep on the couch and woke up there this morning at 7:30.

Could be the best part of the story.
I was declared missing by my husband, mom, dad, mother in law and father in law. They all knew I was on the road by myself. Because my phone was dead and no one could get in touch with me, they all panicked.  It didn't help that this morning I went to work out (8:30-10:45am), then went to Starbucks to read until about 11:45. THEN, I charged my phone and called hubby. I had 10 messages.
I seriously think I might have been on a missing persons list if I would have waited another hour to call.
It's nice to know someone would notice.
I'm home now. Baking these.
and these  
and maybe these too.
Watching Toddlers and Tiaras.  (CRAZY!)
Pretty obsessed with THIS PLACE!!!
Goodnight. :)  Hoping to make it to my bed tonight.


  1. I am finding it SO hard to believe that you've only been to Anthro once before! If someone told me that, I wouldn't believe it for one second. Good purchase! Love those.

  2. Love the bowls. Good choice. I would have caved too. I used to live a few miles from Anthro and I've only been there a couple of times....don't feel left out!