Friday, February 12, 2010

A felt flower and a GUSSY!

I was a virgin felt worker. I had never made anything with felt. But boy had I admired it!  I had seen lots of cute girls with lots of cute felt accessories: bags, pins, flowers, stuffed owls, etc. My favorite felt maker ever is my friend Jenna.  You can see her felt shop here.  But never had I tried.  Yesterday, I decided I should try. It can't be that hard right? 
I freehanded some flower shapes out of black and gray felt. Looking at this picture makes me want to trace it next time!  But, for blogging sake I'll tell you what I did. I put them all together and used a black button I had sitting around to stitch the layers together. (sidenote: I am the most rookie seamstress you will ever meet. ie: I'm not sure if I even sew buttons on correctly.)  That being said, I kept stitching back and forth until it felt pretty sturdy. Then I glued an extra piece of felt on the back to make it a little more sturdy and I attached it to these thick bobby pin type pins I found at Target. Voila. I am a flower maker. I sure hope they get better as you go.

*****************OKAY, are you ready for the Exciting news???****************
If you read my blog a couple days ago, you might have known that I really love Ashley Ann  because she is one of the cutest mom/crafter/bloggers in the world. Well I've been to late to enter all her giveaways lately. She is SO NICE that she even emailed me one night to tell me that I still had an hour left (and then I was still too late, but really......with over 175 entries, she did NOT need to personally email me.)  I love nice people. In fact, a personality test I took today (more on this later) identified me as someone who feels love with affirmation. I already knew that, thank you, personality test!  Anyway, Ashley has been posting a lot lately to celebrate her 500th post and she has been doing some awesome giveaways. So many that I just might go buy the things I didn't win.  I never win.
But guess who won her very own Gussy?
I DID! Really. Me. My own! I can choose whatever I want up to $25. Woo hoooooo!!! What an exciting gift.   And, do you want to know what makes it better? I got a post dedicated to me on Ashley Ann's website. Although guess what? I was complaining (kind of) on it. I was really just telling her that she is so cool and I'm sad that I check blogs too late at night to make it in time for her giveaways. But when I saw it I sound kind of mean.   Look at it. Tell me if I sound mean. Be honest. I need to work on this. Sounding nice. The personality test I did today also told me that my biggest fear is letting people down (true).  
Oh gosh. Blog world. I promise I am nice in real life. Really nice.
Unless it's a snow day and I have to go to an FRG meeting that I usually would have missed because I was working. Then, maybe, I'm not going to be that nice anymore. But, on the bright side, I did get to take the personality test at this meeting, which obviously taught me a lot about myself. I am quoting that test like crazy.
It snowed in Georgia today.
I am happy in my hat. 
Making some warm soup.
Cuddling up with the dogs.
Bummed that AG got held up one more day. He was trying to surprise me. His flight got cancelled.
I guess I'll clean instead.
Not quite a replacement... will do.


  1. Brooke - for the record, you are one of the nicest people I know :-)!!!

  2. That is one darling felt flower! Seriously, you did great! I've been so wanting to make these lately too!! And I think you are very nice : )

  3. Oh and just to shoot you a quick how-to on the tree mural: I painted it free hand and then cut out leaves and birds and actually used spray adhesive to adhere them to the wall. How easy is that? Hopefully it lasts : )

  4. You make me sound a lot better than I am! You were not mean in the least in your email...very nice. I enjoyed your email!

  5. Girl you are one of the nicest people I know and I haven't known you long at all! Sidenote: Thank you for the link! Your felt flower is FABULOUS! FOr real. I LOVE it! You need to teach me out to make the no sew curtains...I want some so bad! Haha. And those Gussys are adorable! Never heard of them! I want one now!

  6. Love that felt flower...and congrats on your win!! :)