Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

Today was so fun.
Woke up late in a mountain chalet.
Turned over and kissed my hubby.
Went downstairs and played with the cutest kids.
Hung out with my sweet friend Jess.
Sent AG off on a hike with Jess' husband, Grant.
Went on a run with Kiera, Jess' daughter. Ran up HUGE mountainous hills in Gatlinburg (TN) and down HUGE hills...with 30lbs on a stroller....LOVED IT.
Got back and spent some good time with Jess...getitng the kids ready for naps.
Put the sweethearts down for naps.
We hung out, getting ready together.
We talked photography. She is a photography master.
She taught me some really practical, great things.
Then the boys got home and we hung out.
Brandon snuggled with their six week old baby. It melted my heart.
Then we went to the aquarium. It was super fun.
And I practiced my new photography tips. Some of them worked.
Then we went out to eat. We had mexican.
I snuggled with Kiera and ate lots of chips and salsa.
Then we came home and played Apples to Apples. That game is sure to make you laugh.
We also had a night competition of "That's what she said"...if you have seen "The Office" you will understand this game. If not, let's not talk about it now.
Hope you had a great first day of 2010.

Brandon swaddled Caedemon and wore his sling all around this evening. So cute.

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