Saturday, January 2, 2010

A fun birthday package..

All through college, I was lucky enough to nanny for the BEST family around. Seriously, they are amazing. Melinda taught me so much about being a great mom. Patience. Love. Consistency. CREATIVENESS!

She is a New Year's I wanted to mail her a little something for her bday.
So, I decided to make the outside of the package as fun as the inside.
This was beyond easy and took two seconds to do, but it was just a fun little treat. I just taped pictures of her kids on to each side, after cutting them to size. Easy.

PS...did you notice my CUTE new post titles? The adorable fonts came from Their blog is adorable...I'll probably post more about her another day. For now I am continuing to enjoy I'm going to go...

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  1. Uhh, I got lame photoshop----Elements. Didn't research like I should have, and realized after I got it, that that's not exactly what i want. Better than iPhoto though! :) Real Photoshop is about $600. Uhhhh, can't have that right now! Not when I want about 1 million other things. Dang, photography is 'spensive. We need to be neighbors! Make it happen..............:)